Dana 24 Boat Review

Pacific NW Boater presents a Latitudes & Attitudes TV review of the venerable Dana 24 pocket cruiser, now being built in Seattle, WA. Boat provided by Seacraft Yacht Sales. For more information visit http://www.seacraft.com.


Jennifer Adamek says:

Does the Pacific Seacraft still make the Dana24? I know you can purchase hardly used Dana24’s and Flickas.. I know someone on the east coast that actually took their PS Dana24 sailed her across the pond to upper Europe and into the canals into the Med.. This little kick-started has some “Pep In Her Step!”…. I prefer sailing anyday to power boating it… I mean. some say tomatoe so e say tamatoe…

KingThallion says:

Bob, that boat was Bitchin,

floflo617 says:

I truly find the dana24 concept beautiful but think you should offer packages with trimmed down interiors and less teak. Keep the old proven seakindly design coupled with strong build without the frivolous teak and needlessly expensive cabinets, stainless steel ports etc… Make it more affordable without sacrificing the basic and it could be a great package for explorers.

richardmg9 says:

such a genuine and unbiased review! This is literally the best boat ever made for any purpose, ever!

floflo617 says:

beautiful boat but way too expensive. 150k for a slow 24 foot sailboat of yesteryears’ design?? However, beautiful deck layout. Love the coamings and the bowsprit, The traveller looks like a toy on the other hand. Too much energy spent in cabinets and gizmos. I don’t like the floor liner. If you’re going traditionnal, at least leave the fiberglass fully accessible. That’s one of the big advantage of old sailboats. And sorry but that engine is going to be a giant pain to maintain in this tight space unless there is another way to it from the cockpit. It’s more about having a precious little jewel than “going small going now”. Plenty of good old boats with solid bones to satisfy that saying.

MelCanuck says:

This is a very nice boat, and this is a good review. But $150,000 for a NEW Dana 24, at time of writing, is a bit steep for a 24 foot boat. Think I would prefer a similar-priced Beneteau Oceanis 34 or 37.

You said: 06:23 – “in these tougher economic times, going small and going NOW…” – that comment made seems a bit of a contradiction to me, bearing in mind the price of the boat!

Blair & Scrappy Adventures says:

Its a nice looking boat! Ill give you $500 bucks for her!

SassyHershsey SassyHershey says:

Pocket cruisers are the best, no matter how large the vessel, they still are on the same ocean and so, you will always feel cramped not cozy after one evening. I loved sailing for 20 years on an Alberg 30 – but it wasn’t mine. My best friend had mechanics in his blood, owned a Marina and we enjoyed fall sailing (summer is too hot) and I loved those memories even now. I spent almost 10 years looking at Albergs’ Cape Dory’s (bankrupt) and of course fell in love with Pacific Seacraft – that “salty traditional look never fails or I wouldn’t be writing you all. I noticed the open floor plan worked. A Dana was perfect. But you pay for that Bentley by twice. This particular vessel costs a cool  2200K – new, but because they are hand made you buy a machine worth 65K (say a BMW) and goes down in value right away. That warm tropical lagoon is the hook – cheaper to fly to the Islands and rent a boat. Trust me, 30 years of sailing I wanted a Dana 24, but as you get older you need dentists and doctors – good luck in the Islands 50 miles out at sea. If you must throw away a lot of money – and have to learn the hard way, go with the Dana. It has a decent resale value of loosing only about 2/3 in 10 years.

Mick Scarborough says:

150K?  I can buy about twenty 24 foot sailboats for that price.

MelCanuck says:

Thanks for this. As I’m new to sailing I do not have $150k to spend on a boat. It would be nice but I have found a NEW MacGregor 26 for $23k. It may not have the quality but it is not as expensive, either.


Any opinions of anyone reading this would be most appreciated.

uscgalpha91 says:

OMG $150,000 you have got to be kidding. Their are hundreds of boats for 25% of that number used that would be wonderful. Also do you really want to do a 30 day run to the So Pacific in a 24 footer ???

Jeremy M says:

The host is ‘Bob Bitchin’.
Best name ever. 

MsDimasko says:

В Китае такая будет стоить 15000-20000$

Gerry C says:

TV ads have been replaced with YouTube ads. Welcome to the 21st Century!

TheSailingChannel.TV says:

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Nigel Doyle says:

That boat is beautiful.

pacificNWboater says:

MelCanuck – You make a valid point. But then we think the price of just about ANY new boat is too much! The sentiment behind go small go now is not just the initial outlay for a boat, but the ongoing maintenance and moorage costs. A 24′ foot boat will be much less expensive overall. Plus, I think the person that wants to spend $150K on a new Dana wants something more traditional than a new Beneteau (which are also great sailing boats).

Gene Nelson says:

This isn’t a review, it’s a commercial.

pacificNWboater says:

MelCanuck – MacGregors are GREAT boats. If that is what you want. If you want a trailerable, combo sail/power boat for multiple purposes, they can’t be beat. We know dozens of MacGregor owners who are VERY happy with their boats. And we know a few former Mac owners who still fondly recall the fun they had with their boats. However, MacGregors do not even belong in the same conversation as the Dana 24. Two COMPLETELY different boats with two vastly different design purposes.

wilvanlonden1962 says:

Beautiful small yacht. Don’t think it will be sold often; here in Europe you buy  a brand new International Folkboat for 32000 Euro with sails and equipment. I don’t think that the mantra go small, go now applies to this Dana 24. With that mantra they ment at low cost!

jaasun71 says:

I have heard they use Gold instead of Lead ballast .

Mr. Midshipman says:

 I’d get one, but I got a disease, Morbid Obesity I’d probably put my foot though the hull, or sink it anyway.  I need a big open boat, like a Boston Whaler. My friends call me Whale Bait. Please, feel sorry for me, I can’t help I eat $800 in food a week and lie about it. This is the first time I been honest with anybody. Please, buy me a 70 foot sailboat so I don’t drown.

Bernster3040 says:

Love this boat!

Al Gentry says:

Beauty and build quality are two different things. Build quality, is a function of the care taken by the builder. A function of quality, also, is simplicity, actually the ultimate sophistication. He has a boat now, and before, he didn’t. The one he owns, is therefore infinitely superior to the one that he doesn’t. Like in the hunting world, beware the man who has only one gun. He may actually know how to use it. :o) Al in Oklahoma

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