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Discovery 50 Catamaran for Sale

This blue water cruising catamaran oozes luxury and comfort. She is like new having just been completely fitted out, upgraded and made ready for the current owners’ world girdling ambitions. Many things are new and unused. Unfortunately, only available due to an illness in the family. Comes with everything down the to the corkscrew, which is also new!

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Please Contact: Alan McIlroy
Telephone: +44(0) 1590 679222
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mike womack says:


Nomad Oz says:

what sort of speed range does this beautiful cat do under sail?

Matt Cass says:

The master seems a little excessive and wastes a ton of space, but a great design otherwise.

Michael says:

An absolute beautiful vessel

will8163 says:

She looks like a great boat. I think that the master cabin is a waste of space though.

Walter Strong says:

So, if particularly nasty weather sets in, as it’s bound to do, the only place to control this boat is from the outside helm position.  I guess that’s the time you don’t want the autopilot to fail, which they seem to have a way of doing.

Walter Strong says:

I’d like to see the ENTIRE AREA over the engine compartments hinged so it could swing up and make room for repairs much better.

Rod Goddard says:

For that sort of money I’d go fora 48ft Leopard.

Stefan Denic says:

nice, but kind of boring..

Berthon Boat Company says:

KIWI SPIRIT (Discovery 50 Catamaran) is now available to see at our Lymington HQ.

Brian Michael says:

that is a beautiful boat

nitoman nito says:

OMG WHAT A CAT?!!? Probably the most beautifull boat l’ve ever seen and the closest to perfection! Oh God l want this …no l neeeeed this!

John Laffite says:

video is very well made imho. Wish more people did them like this. $$$

Targ Patience says:

She seems to be sitting very low in the water, to allow sight of fish through the escape hatches. Irrespective, what a beautiful catamaran – I am sure she has long since be sold to a very happy new owner.

U4IASTRM says:

With the fish-eye lens it looks as though I could easily walk around without hitting my head on the ceiling. 6′-7″ here. Love the master.

TrainingMacro says:

There’s only two questions of importance to me: 1. Where can I plug in my PC and 2. Is there a cheaper version for those ‘sailing’ solo?

Sara Flavelle says:

Nice boat

Mar RobVarDec says:

Thank you.

Uncle Muir says:

Will you take an old Volkswagen for trade?

Fussinated says:

This boat looks like oval, from every corner, even the fish eye lens can not correct it.

Felix G says:

1:13 to 1:22 …Why does that not make any sense to me? I get that the boat is fine but this is an issue. I would’t be worried about the boat. I’d be worried about all the damage that can occur to the motor . Maybe it’s late and I’m tired.

daywalker1978ab says:

Can you solo sail this one on ocean crossings? Im looking for a boat to live on and travel around the world? Thanks

Robert Nyikes says:

what is a cat like this worth?

Brenda Riley says:

Thank you, what a beautiful boat. I love the master. It’s huge and has great storage and personal space ( which I would want) The attention to detail is noted and the price is very reasonable considering the amount of detail and work done.

lichtbringer says:

witch port is this?

I'mAndru says:

i dont like it, the master room looks terrible it has two bathrooms in the same bedroom?? and to thin at the very top? sorry not liked at all

Drone06 says:

What a dream, if I had the chance I would sail me away from here on a quest to all magical islands. Maybe one day I can✌

NICCAT says:

How much?€$¥

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