Discovery 55 for sale – Miss Behaving

*Miss Behaving is now sold*
We believe this is one of the very best long distance, live aboard, blue water cruising yachts for a couple or family to safely explore the oceans in. Miss Behaving is a Discovery 55 that is now on the market and looking for a new crew to take her on new adventures. Hopefully this video will give you a glimpse of just how good she is!
If you’re interested in a Discovery Yacht – look them up. If you’re after a used Discovery, contact Sue Grant at Berthon (they’re the official used Discovery broker)


Carlos Augustus de Oliveira Ramos says:

How much?

James Wright says:

very nice lay out. now to learn how to sail.

Pete fromtheIsland says:

Hmmm….so if I wanted to make an offer do I just make it in the comments section? It might have been smart to leave some contact details.

tim cook says:

AH! , Very nice but i think i will keep my Newport 33 , Jolly Roger , perhaps i will find treasure and buy a nicer boat , hey! any lady,s out there wanta come to Hawaii and stay with my on the Roger , had to try

Reddsmorris1 says:


cycling kiwi says:

lots off money too but she good looking sail boat

Justin Niland says:

Justin, I sent you an email last week requesting more info and never got a response.

Romeo Whiskey says:

at 4:15 Amedee Lighthouse, New Caledonia?

Guy Cruls says:

those who follow Discovery boats news, know that Miss Behaving has travelled around the world.
can we get an update from the owners as to what their next move is after selling the boat?

sandiegobenjamin says:

still available?

Stuart Tamblyn says:

price ? you forgot…

killer says:


Jakfilm says:

Gorgeous vessel. Some new owner will be very pleased. I had seen some of your videos over the last months, and the Discovery is now on the consideration list beside the Oyster and the Hallberg.

Helmut Wenzel says:

Hello Justin,
your boat is great!!
Helmut from Austria

Farrukh Khaydarkulov says:

nice boat. If you take 450,000$ contact me

Fr Ya says:

Just a small loan on one million dollars hahahaha how i wish

DiscoveryYachts says:

Great video footage Justin – anyone keen to see what a Discovery 55 looks like after a circumnavigation and 9 years of sailing should take a look!

Gabriel d'Eustachio says:

Thank you is a little too much for me you are asking $ 720,000 USD

Justin Page says:

Miss Behaving is now sold! Check out the rest of our videos (there’s lots of them) though if you’re interested in our adventures or this type of boat.

Ted Jelke says:

I like your boat! Enjoy!

brettney72 says:

If I could afford I would as the Discovery 55 is my dream yacht 🙂

Sonic Reef says:


Gabriel d'Eustachio says:

How much in USD

joey b says:

Can you get her to Houston or San Diego?

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