Ep 32 Sailboat Shopping: Oyster 485

A trip to Troon, Scotland to view the 1994 Oyster 485.


robin tiller says:

nice videos, check out my sailing adventure in sweden and norway =) subscribe for more videos please !


How exciting. I am very pleased that you have found such a great yacht. Ironically most of my fave boats are American. Passports and I’m also a fan of Island Packets though I know i am in a minority there.I have done Biscay twice in both directions. My experience is that the Portuguese Atlantic Coast tends to give more weather than the bay itself… You will be going south which is by far the best direction for the prevailing winds. Anyhow, with that boat you will breeze it! Happy sailing and thank you for sharing your search. I found it very informative and helpful. Mark.

Steven Collins says:

I have been following your journey so far and the Oyster is by far the yacht for you guys.
Very impressive. Quality everywhere. Wish you could have shown the engine room. Good luck in your negotiations. Looking forward to hearing about your next steps and future plans in sailing this beautiful vessel. You probably don”t want to disclose the sale price, but can you explain the VAT for this purchase? Good luck guys.
Melbourne, Australia

James Sheppard says:

I’m curious how you feel about that keel for blue water sailing. I lean toward a fuller keel but I’m biased as we spent 9 years on a 45′ Island Packet. The Oyster is a great boat if you’re looking for a saloon. Teak decks give me the shivers. I can’t tell you how many friends I have that thought the decks were great until the underlying rot was discovered. Fair winds and following seas.

Coleen West says:

What language was that taxi driver speaking?


Now THAT is a chainplate.

Paul Ryan says:

congrats. looks like you got a great boat.

Ryan H says:

OK so you bought this 485 earlier this year. Its now July 2017. Any updates? Did the survey show any major issues? Will you be making more videos on the re-launch and delivery back to the USA? Thanks.

Ruud & Andrea Beerman says:

The webbing lines are safety-lines. To secure your safety harness to when you have to leave the cockpit at high sea.

Sea Quest says:

please please, who does the into music???

John Maddux says:

Thank you for making my life better!
John The Limo Driver from Kansas city

William Bremner says:

Have really enjoyed your “Sailboat Shopping” videos, thanks for posting these. As you are considering some production yachts I am curious to know if you’re considering the Beneteau Sense 50? If no, why not? It has twin rudders, chined hull, beam carried well aft and would be very quick off the wind. The livings spaces are tremendous too. I also like that the systems side of things are thoughtfully arranged in the aft end of the yacht. Any thoughts? My wife and I are also shopping for a 50ft yacht for cruising (mostly coast in SE Asia). Cheers!

James Bowie says:

Really impressed with your practical approach with your video .
I live a few miles away and was in the Marina for lunch ,so had a wee look at your new yacht from the hard.
Very impressed with how “Talisman” looks now and all the hard work you have put in..
Like yourself I,m not impressed as to how they shore up large yachts in the Marina.
I use Ardrossan Marina just up the coast and they always use steel cradles.
Are you still on for a ETD of August if so “Fair winds and safe Landfalls”
Jim Bowie

David H. says:

This was a great boat clearly cared for by owner. Who must have been discerning to buy Oyster in the beginning. Fair Winds.

Kate Crone says:

So how much ?????? also did you find her on apolloduck.
Cheers good video, we also love follow the boat.


Welcome to the UK! If you find your way down to the south west give me a shout!

Peter Hunsader says:

Great Vid. Thanks for sharing. New Sub!

72chargerse72 says:

Thanks good commentary and some good tips.

MonoTodd says:

Yeah they’ve only been cribbing boats and ships in those regions of the world for at the very least 500 years so my guess is that not only do they know what they are doing but they have been doing it since long before metal jack stands ever existed !!!

Myers Van Fossen says:

Excited to finally see her!! Your comments on the cribbing and the washing machine were cracking me up. The interior and also under the floor boards looks very clean on that boat. Really cool overall design.

Doyle Johnson says:

I appreciate having access to your experience and hope future vids will address all the topics of seamanship. There are lots of channels that focus on the travelling experiences and I hope that given your obvious high expertise level that you will choose to continue to share that.

James Most says:

that looks to my untrained eye, to be a well cared for boat. Fancy too ; -)

Clash of Players says:

beautiful boat next door to it

Fotografia says:


James Bowie says:

Really nice to hear from you with your update.
Iain is a nice guy and very experienced is his profession .20 years ago I crewed with him on a yacht delivery to Port Banus (I actually had to get off in Vilamoura. ) .
Take Care.
Regards Jim

Frower Trampton says:

Never seen a tunnel thruster before on a boat. That’s called steering for sure.

stupidusernamecheck says:

could you update the discription with the listing price? curious how much they were asking. Thanks!
is this the one you saw in spain? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1994/Oyster-485-3008438/Almerimar/Spain#.WYPbj4huKiM

Bernard Schirmeyer says:

the life is short…profite with this boat…for probably the Last travel of your life ..it seem to me an excelent quality boat

805gregg says:

Stay away from teak decks, in the end they all leak and rot the deck core, expensive to repair

DaebakMonkey says:

I love how open those 3 windows make the cabin seems! Very nice boat! The teak will take a little bit more to maintain, but as long as you take good care of it it will serve you well.

Jakfilm says:

What a boat.

ThatDutchguy says:

Looks like a very nice vessel, but it being a UK boat i really suggest you look very critically at the teak decking and the deck itself. But, she’s a looker that’s for sure.

Michael Johnson says:

what were they asking for her

winging it tracy says:

Teak decks make me nerves, hundreds of screws that will leak sooner or later .

Archibald Tuttle says:

Nice boat indeed and Oyster is one of my personal holy trinity boats (Oyster, HR and Swan). Would go for it (not knowing the details though) 😉

Lucky Goose says:

I know nothing about this, but why not a Amel 55? I thought Amel’s are the best blue water yachts?

Bill Baker says:

Anything scary in the engine space or running gear?

Chris Parlow says:

And I’ll be waiting to hear. Iv SUBed to your vid. Thanks for showing

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