Epic Sailboat Adventure in Review (Bums on a Boat)

There is no arguing that we 3 kids went all in on this one! Much experience was gained. There were great times and hard times. Funny how things change when you act on your deepest feelings and just go for it. Here is an honest recap. Hopefully this sheds some light and maybe even offers some perspective.



bobie gale says:

How do you know you have feet, unless you walk.

Zed Zero says:

You are in front of the curve in many ways, just keep moving forward. You can not deliberately help people to “see the light”. You can only make yourself a better version of you. Then you can lead by example. The folly of helping people is you become flypaper for freeloaders and users. Learn to be a bit ruthless and don’t let the freeloaders and dramatist kill your very limited time here on Earth. Good Luck.

Terry Martin says:

Brother, hope you have a bugout plan, GFS model changed since yesterday for IRMA< that bitch of a storm is forcasted to get close if not hit Miami. VERY strong Cat 5, 180 mph winds. ventusky.com and look at it for yourself.

bobie gale says:

“How do you know you’re alive unless you die”. I have to think about that.

Captain 10Star says:

Hey Bum #1! What’s your name?

KC1HOX Glenn says:

i know you guys had dreams of being professional ebeggars but go get a job and get the money to get a proper start.There are worse things than work

moeshickenyay says:

Was that Trump, man oh man you just list my Subscription.

Terry Martin says:

Brother, On your boat you have FREEDOM< your depending on yourself and self suffiecent out there living life on your terms. You are able to live the dream. Push off and never look back, there is alsways food in the sea, and discover the goodness of people without a pot to piss in, but they will give you a meal as a stranger just because your of the one race the Human race. Do not beat on yourself, people in the society live the covet life style, they always have to covet and keep up with the joneses just because they thing they're inpressing someone. But in the end, they are still the same selfish ugly soul they eve3r was. This life is not about you, its about LOVE, and no greater love as a man than to lay his life down for another. The happiest people seem to out there sharing that love. In end you have a dash between two dates, and you will be judged what did you do with Love, did you use Love to serve others, help your fellow man, or did you use Love for selfish greed and gain. Good luck to you... Stay safe with Irma out there.

Clare Boothe Luce III says:

Very heartfelt. You won’t recognize this login, but you’ve been a wonderful support in the last couple of days, both in terms of your helping me prepare my boat for Hurricane Irma and your generosity of spirit.
I am a little reluctant to suggest that the divisiveness that you refer to here is due to a loss of common values, or rather, the most basic recognition that we all need a common language or understanding so that we are free to be open to each other. We have not lost that just because we are American–although you wouldn’t guess that from watching the media. The loudest voices are the far extremes, who hold little market share of the American mentality. But if we are speaking different human/emotional “languages” across the world–OR WE BELIEVE THAT WE ARE–much is lost, and one or both or all sides fail to comprehend that the “human condition”, as our mutual friend toasted to tonight, is shared and very real and very vulnerable. There is misery and hardship everywhere; it has different “causes” for different people, but on some level, we all know them. There is joy and happiness everywhere, no matter how meager or hard-won; and yet, to be real, it always begins with gratitude. That is what you’ve suggested here.
The desire to help will serve you well, in the unselfish way. Do not lay blame on yourself for the conditions into which you were born. I sure as hell do not blame myself for living in the path of this hurricane of the millennium.
I am learning a lot from Irma, to use a shorthand. (For those who do not know, imagine Sharknado headed directly for your front door, with a tidal wave flood.) I hope to continue to learn from this and reflect with some deeper perspective on some impactful events in my life. But only after I get 2 days of sleep in Colorado.
I admire your examination of your journey.
But to be honest, life is better with a dodger.
Until next time, my friend . . .

Sailing FreeStyle says:

Life is just a ride man! You can’t stress too much about big issues. The world is big enough for us all to find our own little slice of it where we’re the happiest. As long as you can find yours, nothing else matters. I’ve lost 3 friends already (I’m only 36) who’s ride ended sooner than it should. Gives you a whole new outlook at how you want to spend your time while you’re still here. Every single moment is a blessing, it’s up to you to enjoy them! Exploring the world on a sailboat is a great way if you ask me! Don’t over complicate it, just relax and enjoy before it’s too late!

Brian Griffin says:

Bitcoin for decentralisation of money and increasing automation will make things better hopefully. Dire poverty has and is improving emmensly. The rich are getting sick of the material world. We are getting there. The internet is a wonderful gateway.

Sailboat Story says:

From banging on a coffee pot to waxing poetic.
You Sir – are a weird human.

* and I like you quite a lot. 🙂

– Ben

caxcallatik says:

Your channel is so romantic. Just a couple of guys who fell in love and sailed into the sunset. Best of luck guys and fair winds

Josef Roesler says:

I gave you some well earned criticism early on for being a bunch of idiots on a boat, but I am seeing much improvement since you’ve been solo, as well as genuine entertainment. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anchored anywhere near you guys in the beginning, but now you appear to be a good neighbor. I believe the solitude does a young man good. Keep improving and keep contemplating. Do things that make you feel good about yourself, but not because you think you’re supposed to. Question everything.

Warwick says:

Thank You,
Have to say that up front, as I watch all the main sailing Tubes and sub’d as soon as you popped up on my suggested list. As a group of young guys you all had a belief in yourselves that stood out, you placed yourselves outside the norm comfort zone and all ended up following where that took you. I’m glad your journey still follows the boat and you seem happy with that as you had a chance to move on but still returned to that life style. Looking forward to following along, seeing it evolve and where this life takes you.

Terry Cavender says:

Interesting points, sometimes you find out what you want by experiencing what you don’t want. My POV, (as if it were important) three boys left the boat, and a man returned. Good to see you back on the boat and cracking on, obviously, it’s what you wanted.

Sarah K says:

You are asking yourself questions and sharing emotions that are definitely relate-able. I find myself thinking about ways to make a difference and help others, but often find that in order to get there we have to get out of our own way. It’s been a difficult statement for me to reflect on with where I am at in life… If that is the case with you (I honestly don’t know but I would be down to talk about it) then my advice would be to reflect and write on it. If you have a picture, a goal, or a dream of the difference you want to make and visualize it, and then start thinking of the obstacles that will get in the way of making that dream reality, try to shift the perspective to considering that you are the biggest obstacle. I honestly dont know if any of this is making sense.
But I think that you need to give more credit to your growth and experiences. You’ve come a long way! And your doing your best. From watching the beginning of these videos to now, I believe that your journey is just starting! Sending all positive vibes

jrp616 says:

Live & let Live. You do what makes you happy. I do what makes me happy. You wont change me and I wont change you. You can find new friends who share your dreams, but you can’t force old friends to adopt your dreams.

Aaron says:

Your channel is the first one I subscribed to. I watched a lot of channels, but your’s was different, in a way that really appealed to me. I hope you stay safe. Don’t know what you could do to help the boat by being on it during a hurricane, but whatever that is, it isn’t worth the risk. Please stay safe.

Sailing Friends says:

hey mate. good to see you back… the only sense of live is to be happy and make others happy… as you know mediation helps… just watch all videos of this guy (its in English): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIAqu9xRHIo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkVHfiBLsoc

David Angel says:

Speechless….Youre the man Joel!

Tom Huss says:

You make a difference buy sharing you vlogs thank you for that

HiPpY BoAtErS says:

You make a difference, ripples in the water bum.

Coast Life says:

Hmmm.. maybe the white paint isn’t helping. Lol… but seriously, I think most people on the road less traveled struggle with stuff like this. There are always going to be power / stuggles in the world. Life is a stuggle…. just stuggle in a direction YOU want to go. 🙂

Tim Lamarre says:

There are BILLIONS of galaxies out there. No, not planets, not solar systems–GALAXIES. In seconds, entire solar systems are erased by black holes. Poof! Chill out Bums. Everything we have is a miraculous gift. There is no answer. There is only the meaning within yourself. Paint, heat, rain, and the annihilation of happy cockroach families…there is purpose, there is struggle, there are great forces beyond our control, there is tragedy. Where is beer donate link? The Bums must sail on.

Derek Smith says:

You got one life, choose how you want to live it. If anyone else says other wise, they obviously wish they were in your place.

Gypsy Tinker says:

What we are all yearning for is purpose. You show us that the search is not in vain. Thank you.

Nolan Pahmahmie says:

Oh you trying to spit some knowledge?! Ha

Kim Wise says:

Keep searching, learning & sharing. And be happy! Just BEING! Shake off others’ definition of success or meaning of life. Be true to yourself. Love that you’re sharing your journey both on the boat and introspection. You are definitely not on a mindless hamster wheel chasing the trappings of materialism.

s/v Grunt says:

Keep seeking brother! We are more alike than different…….GRUNT

asdfdfggfd says:

Don’t sell yourself short. Your channel and other channels like you have saved my life. Just knowing that you exist is enough to keep me going. You have made a difference in my life… I am still here.

Airtransrecon says:

Dude, we’re not gonna find you dead in the V berth are we??

Michael Kerr says:

You need to get your sailboat hauled out asap- Irma heading your way and as a cat 4 or 5, it won’t survive in the water.

David Carper says:

Dude, saving ones self from the daily insanity in the facebook/media and having a plan B in which to do it is not selfish. The difference that you wish to make, is for you, not the world or mother earth. Watch” Chasing Bubbles” if you haven’t already. You need to find a GOOD woman/crew and let the adventure continue. Stay in shape, body ,mind and soul.

The Giordano's says:

Joel, YOU are making a difference by being yourself. We all touch one another either big or small. Your arrival in Tampa helped in a big way to save our boat and touched the lives of our friends as we all sought shelter for a few days. Continue the journey, we all will meet again.

getyourbone says:

What difference does anything make?

Just help others, be happy and live.

Nate McDaniel says:

Nothing is sustainable. Things can be conserved. I think you fell more a victim of the modern media mindset than you think. Popular culture gives us that sense that we are players, all on stage, posers. It is like the oft heard complaint, “My vote does not make any difference!” That statement drips with arrogance. Does that speaker really suppose that in HIS special case, his vote will not be merely one of millions, but will somehow be weighted to reflect just how “Special” he is?
Make your world and live in it. Fear God. Create and love your family, Love and serve the poor of this world. It is good to get to know the poor. One of them will be your landlord in Heaven.

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