Episode #36 Pearson Sailboat II

Amy and I look more closely at the Pearson 33-2 sailboat. Buying a boat is a big task! I explain the ‘liner’ to her, and we look at the galley. Sailing and living on a boat requires seeing alot of sailing boats for sale. We explore the weird refrigerator door desk and I notice a moldy odor emanating from the bilge. We also notice water stains at the top of the compression post.Ugh-oh!

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gunthreadadapters.com says:

Consider a more unconventional workstation. Since I plugged my i5 into my 70in TV, I do most of my computer work laying on the couch. Wireless keyboard and trackball…

Chase Mixon says:

Good boat, I think it would work, but it’s up to you if you want it. for the minor stuff, having someone build something for the workstation part is solution to the frig… bilge maybe need some explaining from the seller? or expert… something about that one makes me smile… I don’t know what it is.

Micah S says:

if you spatchcock your chicken you can roast it in a small oven. It even comes out better. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/246274/spatchcock-chicken/

Mark Lally says:

this boat is way overpriced

Don Harden says:

I really love your video’s.  I am a want to be sailor.  I tried taking sailing lessons this post October but on day 2 had a heart attack and spent the next 4 days in the ICU.  It didn’t happen on the boat.  I became ill and the instructor had the sense to send me home.  on the way I got worse and ended up in the hospital.  Anyway back to real life.  I love your videos and continue to do research hoping that someday I will be able to continue on the path to sailing.  One thing that I wish you and everyone that make any kind of sailing or boat repair videos would do, would be to include cost involved.  What is the asking price for the boat or the cost involved with the repair that is taking place in the video.  this is very vital information that we are seeking.  Most people seem to shy away from putting the dollar figures out there.  that is what we need to know more than anything.Keep up the great work I look forward to seeing each and every video you have to share.  Just hope that you will start adding the $ involved…

Sailing Free At Last says:

intell makes a compu stick.it plugs in the hdmi port of a led tv. price is less than 150

Griot's Reverie says:

If all else is positive, and the moisture concerns are appropriately addressed, the display issue for your workstation can potentially be handled by using an articulating arm mount.  Overall, I like the layout and the flexibility of the variable keel, but was hesitant to mention that in part one so as not to get in the way of your decision process.  I am not sure where you found the moisture in the bilge, but a potential source could be from the designed leakage of the cutlass bearing.  This would be true for a continuous bilge, but not so for a divided or compartmented bilge (unless you happened to be looking in the compartment that included the bearing).  Whatever compromises you ultimately make, make sure that they are the ones you can ‘live’ in/with!

jwrappuhn71 says:

Good vid.

Jeffrey Bosanquet says:

Hey. Another great video. Regrading the fridge. You could put a door on the front of the fridge for at dock living. While out sailing you would not want to keep the laptop out so you can then use the lid on top.

Frank Marafiote says:

Any boat with Amy sitting in it, looks better. (But I think you know that!)

mike menza says:

Really need to look at some of the big aft cabins.. it is going be home right? on the other hand… there’s an H54 nearby.. one of the coolest sailboats ever built.. handles like a 40 footer, fast as a 60 footer… which also has a dedicated nav station.. yachtworld…
Thanks for the videos !

Justin Roski says:

If you have an iMac, you don’t have a tower and I’m assuming you have the bluetooth keyboard and mouse to go along with it?

If the above is true, then you could ‘in theory’ mount your iMac to the right side of the work station. I didn’t it too clearly, but it looks like there is enough there to have it mounted securely.

Having your iMac mounted on a swivel mount would let you just push it out of the way instead of picking it up.

They keyboard could be mounted somewhere else with Velcro along side the mouse when not in use.

Not only would it make it a more viable work station, but you could swivel the monitor around and use it for movies or what not while eating or just laying down in the saloon.

Just a thought, but there are usually always workarounds that can be done to make life easier and more enjoyable. 🙂

Brian Fry says:

Vin and Amy, have you seen Monday Never? They have a CS 36 which seems to be like what you might interested in. Also, come see our C&C.

Jethro B says:

Blessed is the man whose wife will walk the boat yard with him. Hesitations 3:14

D- Day says:

well done – very informative

elfaroproductions says:

Thanks for taking us along.

SuperJlonergan says:

33 too small

Titus Tiger says:

The more you look the better boat you will get.. or you will know that boat is right for you!

BakeSail says:

Great video! Loved seeing some of the detail. I’ve been told several times that before serious consideration of a boat, get a surveyor. You’d rather spend $400 than make a multi-thousand dollar mistake. The boat looks good for the main aspects. Most things including the fridge/nav station can always be re-made. Rip it out and make something that works for you. As far as the crack in the keel (typical water damage), the discoloration of wood around the mast, the “wet” places you’ve found, and the engine mess, I would definitely look more into it. If the engine hasn’t been run in a while, or could be where new oil has been just put in and spilled. That’s also something the surveyor would also point out and would be able to better give you an idea on what it would take to fix/repair it. Hope this helps buddy.

David McCann says:

Good info

Dana Miller says:

why not just mount your computer on a swivel mount that moves out of the way when you want to open the fridge?

Matthew Fike says:

Yachtworld shows 3 Bristol 31.1s in your area. One is quite reasonably priced.

A Webby says:

Have you looked at buying in places like Croatia? There’s plenty to choose from and seem to be better/newer than the ones you’ve been looking at. Now that would make a great episode!

Freediver HD says:

Hope you can get something decent soon

theislandpackrat says:

I still say check the keel really well, some boats maybe all with that type of keel there a threaded rod that goes into the keel they may have been replaced so they look good BUT the threads in the keel could be almost gone. then you have to pull the keel off and tap bigger holes and use bigger rods. good luck.

David Mitchell says:

Hey Vin, my thoughts are that while as you note there are some positives with this Pearson, the fridge/work station would become painful, some of the other issues you note (odour and water stains etc) also would want to be investigated further.  My other comment, is and I hope you take it well, is that for a live aboard boat, to me, unless the saloon and V berth design was great, that anything less than a 34 ft is simply too small.  For me, I wouldn’t consider anything less than a 36 ft boat, and especially given you and Amy are new to sailing, like myself,  the advice I have been receiving from experienced sailors is that the ideal length is between 35-38 ft.   But the other aspect then comes into play being sail area, and hence the power of the boat when under sail is critical. I was talking with some really experienced guys on the weekend, including one couple who did a 5 year cruise around the South Pacific and E. Coast of Aus and their advice was that a ketch should be under consideration, given the ability to balance the boat under heavy weather and/or that a pilot house boat also provides a lot of additional internal living space.  I am not saying that this is necessarily what I am after or would choose to go for, but perhaps you might wish to think about such factors.   Down sizing from a house to a boat is a huge change, hence I totally understand why you are taking your time to find the best compromise boat that will suit your needs.   Cheers Dave

Formosa41 says:

Hey, there is a sexy looking Hans Christian 38 on ebay right now…not a bad price for the boat, depending on condition.

paul stratton says:

looks like the nav station would become a pain in the a$$,I’m with dave, 36 to 38 foot would be ideal.i saw a shoal draft 36 footer on ebay that was nce looking.

SailingExodus says:

Coffee maker??? Kettle and French press.

Tharon Rodriguez says:

Have you looked at an S2 11.0A or S2 35C yet? I think you would also like the Catalina 36 MK1’s or MKII’s. The S2’s are well built boats and are stable and roomy. The Catalina’s are cheaper and more mass produced, BUT! Catalina is still around and still offers help with their older boats. The Catalina 36 is also one of the most popular boats in it’s size and that means that fixing it, finding parts, and finding resources in general will be much easier than on many other boats.

IntermittentSailingWithKids says:

Any boat of that age is going to have some water ingress, and some deck core damage. A good surveyor should be able to tap out the deck and find how far it goes. If it isn’t too far away from the initial source fixing isn’t that difficult. With the mast stepped on the deck fixing the leak at the compression post shouldn’t be tough although you may have to remove the mast. I like this boat. It looks to be maintained, and clean. The other nice thing is that Pearson made boats for a long time, so there is a huge knowledge base via the owner base. I suggest you subscribe to a Pearson forum and get an idea of how big these issues really are. All of the Pearson owners I talked to love their boat.

Daniel Berry says:

Vin, in all your discussions with Jeff Halpern, would he advise against purchasing a [live aboard] cruiser-racer that has an inner liner, e.g., Beneteau First 310, or 35s5 (both models appeal to me)?

S/V LO-KEE says:

David’s comments are valid points. I had an Irwin 31 for 11 years and it was nice in the Chesapeake and a great weekend boat. But my wife and I plan on some extended cruising in the future and that is the reason I’m refitting Lo-Kee. The 41 foot center cockpit ketch gives you a lot of boat for the footage. The bigger boat does require more sail area, but with the ketch you have more sails of a smaller size to get you the needed sqft of Sail to move the boat. That makes it easy for me to handle the sails and the optional sail configuration based on weather is a huge plus….good luck with the search!

Sailing BayBeeCakes says:

Hi again,
I still have my betting pool money on a 38-40 footer. Your budget is your concern but if it allows, get something bigger with less repair issues. No fun living in a construction zone all the time.
Good luck from your Hershey neighbor.

Cristofer Ten Eyck says:

How much were they asking for the Pearson?

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