First look: Oyster 675

Our first look at the new Oyster 675 following her Southampton Boatshow debut in September. This is the first of a new mid size ‘coupe’ range from Oyster that also includes its new 745.
See our full report in the December 2016 issue of Yachting World


30 kills says:

This dude is the best reviewer in my opinion

Xrstopher Popp says:

perfection yet again for the 1%…not bitter, just saying.

Bobby Shah says:

I wish they would give pricing data in these quick reviews. thanks.

Conall Stapleton says:

Why not show the engine room?

Reynald Néron says:

How do you describe a forward deck as “flush” when 4 vents are coming out of the deck? Master cabin forward is a good idea you think? have you ever been at sea? try using that cabin in seas above one meter… “dinghy garage”? Really? these reviews are pathetic… an afternoon sail on flat water on the solent and you think you can describe such a yacht..

matrix49A says:

Single person sailing….. all the way up to a 90 ft.

Chris Brown says:

I wish they would get someone who knows what he’s talking about and can speak fluently! I’m crew and could do better haha

Stangelycoloured says:

Did the keel fall off?

Karolgees of Quantock says:

Splendid boat!

Jonathan Recor says:

The next Angelsoflove?

Pedro Strom says:

isn’t the bow of the boat too low on the water ?!

Andy_K says:

Just as soon as I get my lottery win…. Yeah, in my dreams. Wonderful looking vessel though and I really love the fact that just two people can manage her comfortably. Excellent video review, thanks!

Admin 99 says:

Oyster, Discovery, Contest, Hallberg Rassy and Hanse now. So many choices. OMG. Which is best???

Federico Lucchi says:

What’s the fun of a sailboat that sails itself? All these new ships with so many “comfort” gadgets are plain boring. If I want to sail, it means I WANT to use lines, winches, maps, etc. Just like anything else, sailing is being ruined by mankind’s laziness. What a shame.

Ling Du says:

Still prefer a discovery. Toby’s aging gracefully.

jef says:

the show of Hodge is amasing, bravo


Tobe never sailed a boat he didn’t want to sell .

dougefresh133 says:


Sigh Phi Guy says:

it didnt sound “quiet” to me.

Heinrich Dudelstrom says:

No music + no BS talking would be great, thanks

John Smith says:

he said it was quiet ???

Stephen Lediard says:

All these modern boats are designed for women.Take it down the African coast and then go onto South America and lets have a report on what was good and not so good with the boat.

Orlando Paço says:

what’s wrong with you?


Creo que es hora que Toby se busque una mujer y se vaya a dar la vuelta al mundo en un velero con una compañera femenina,Asi nos explica los mejores sitios para la practica de sexo en un baño de un velero,las diferentes posiciones y como hacerlo al tope del mástil,Para eso deberá dejar de encerrarse a escondidas sospechado de masturbarse en cada barco que navegue,……

Ignatcio Re Ignacio says:

Is it the company that put a metric tonn of lead into the frount compartment of sailboat?)))

Beelzeboss From Kickapoo says:

PLS, do a Shipman 59 review

William Glindeman says:

I would like one of these, Thank you….

Jordan says:

this guy couldent possibly seem less exited.

Roger Harris says:

No, it’s not the first Oyster with a master forward cabin. The Oyster 42 introduced that feature way back in 1996.

craigecunningham says:

A really great yacht and great interiors fit. I do wonder if any prospective owners have thought to explore a catamaran build.

Kens Crack Of Doom says:

Beautiful boats for rich idiots who will never use them. I wonder how many of these will be afloat in 40 years time.

goolug says:

Does it have a button to detach the keel? Don’t want to go offshore without a way to send my keel box to the bottom.

John Smith says:

very noisy engine

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