Fix up sailboat review Part 1 and DIY projects

Review of my 2013 fix up projects on a 30ft 1975 sailboat. There are plenty of good used sailboats not all need the level of repairs this one needed.


Mark Godby says:

Hi Sailor
Would you share the name off your plastic teak that you use for the floors in the cabin? It looks really good.

hearsejr says:

Hey.. In November of ’09, I launched my new to me boat and I thought I had her ready but things went to hell fast on the first cruise. First thing was the boatthad a new engine..from Moyer marine.. And there was a missing pin in the transmission, that foster $45. It turned out to be a harden bolt with the threads milled of at the bottom. I managed to snap it in half before it even gotten tight. I used an ice pick to unscrew the broken half out of the hole a a guy named Jake took a stainless screw with the same threads and made me a new one. Then the lights stopped working and the vhf stopped transmitting.. And the water tank stopped holding water. It took a month to get everything working again. Then a storm came up and I got to see what my boat looked like 4 feet over the dock. Lucky there was no damage. Shortly thereafter I took the coming and listen to the weather reports on the vhf, stocked up on food, and water. Then I left the dock and ran a ground. I got free with no trouble and got out of the creek in Reedville VA and as soon as I hit the Chessi bay I found the weather man lied! The sea was not the 1-2 feet and building 2-3 feet that afternoon..with winds of 4-6 knots.. In stead it was a freaking NorEaster blowing and seas were close to 5-6 feet, with 35 knt winds that were building. The engine conked out. The head sail got jammed some how and would not come down. When I did manage to get the boat stopped long enough to get the sails down the boat rounded and I had the top of the mast go under the water! I spent the whole storm out in Swash channel trying to get in to a sheltered area. Hopefully my next boat will be easier to handle alone. Lol

Pacero says:

With that so much talking, I started wondering why you did do the talking from inside & filming it your boat.  Did already sell it?

Robert Aderholdt says:

do you have a run down of the things you did before putting the boat in the water?

Jerry Peters says:

let me know what you’re going again I will come

Brian Greene says:

Are you still a pilot? I found sailing to compliment flying airplanes perfectly! The main sail is a wing standing up vertically! Great video. I find 40% of the fun of sailing is fixing stuff and making it better for next season.

Lawrence Zeigler says:

Love all of your videos. I’m a big fan. I particularly like the video of your philosophy of living on the water. While I prefer motor yachts, your videos are universal and I wanted to let you know how much they are appreciated.

4ad626 says:

thanks for this video this is something I like to do.

James Smith says:

you are a guy I need for a neighbor!

nathan forrest says:

I need to get a set of those “self trailing” winches.  How were those 50 knot winds on the Chesapeake?  Does anyone else smell something bad?

WaterfrontVacations1 says:

this is my project house! You are right hard to have house and boat as projects;)

SetSail ShirtCo says:

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lildeena1 says:

Is your boat called blue emou?

slowisdom says:

I just bought a 1970 Charley Morgan 22 it’s not as big as i planned and it was twice what i think i wanted to spend but i really like it it’s nice for few people just painted and stuff.

David Hutchinson says:

From a Marylander living in FL…Great video.

billybong14c says:

hell yeah Chesapeake bay, I cant wait to go home and sail my Ericson

hbrookes says:

Hello Neighbor..I live in rock hall also..I am thinking of getting a sailboat but pier charges are out of this world! Where do you dock at? Thanks, Harry

James Emmrich says:

15 hours in that weather sounds terrifying. Sign me up!

FeioSujoeMalvadao says:

Thank you. That was inspiring.

Eric Ryan says:

Inspiring! Thank you! Hope to become a live aboard soon. Challenges are disability and fixed income. People like you and Cliff Kyle inspire me.

Get_Outdoors_Now says:

Looks like someone has some project management experience.  Nice to see a Gantt Chart used in home hobbies-  Good planning and preparation.

golden Warrior says:

how much did you spend

sweetbrandigirl says:

You need to add some flat solar panels to help save your battery power.

captainandthelady says:

Words of wisdom.

Sword Fish says:

Good vid. What are your total costs so far? I’m a total novice and looking to take the plunge and buy a sailboat that I can sail singlehanded along the coastline of California. Aside from your power boating experience how did you learn to sail? 

Son of Neptune Sailing says:

I like your video and your concept of sailing an older boat ! I just up graded from a 68 coronado to an 81 S2.

Maynard says:

Great that you did the work project  & restored the boat ! Why didn’t you show some of the actual work you were doing on the boat .Way too much talking !

John Smith says:

How much did you pay for the boat, im interested in buying the same length boat, but a Mcwester, in need of TLC, with a brand new engine, and good sails, would be good to know how much you paid so I know about how much to offer. Im in the same boat as you, pun intended, I owned 5 power boats but would like to get in sailing and this boat im interested in has just come along.

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