Grandpa’s Farm Goes Sailing. – Sirius 40 DS review.

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This is a great boat. I would buy one.

Song “Beer Money” by Eric Stone
Original video of the Sirius 40 DS by Sirius-Werft Yachts


Phillip S. English says:

Grandpa doesn’t putting square windows in the side of the hull weaken the hull to rough wave action ???

feroks _ says:

I abolutely love this yacht, we were in germany and visited a harbour, thats where me and my familly first saw this boat,
We got a tour on it from a very nice german guy who showed us everything this boat could do and reach, We are really thinking about buying one, but it might be better to go with the 35ds as the price will be pretty much half

John Lambert says:

A stern arch could provide a place to put a traveler, as well as more solar and dingy davits.

Rick Ruehl says:

Don’t know how those windows will handle the stress. Early airplanes learned that lesson when the stress fractures were found to be at the corners. Maybe they got around that by increasing the strength on the corners with special glass formulations.
De Havilland Comet was the design. This glass looks cool on the boat.

Clint Davis says:

Hi Grandpa ! Anyone looking for a boat I only one recommendations. SAIL it first and do not just walk to the cabin and fall in love with a cabin instead of a sailing vessel. After many years at sea I would not step foot on this boat if I were to sail across the Atlantic because this would be considered a floating R V on water. Top heavy and way to much glass for 30′ seas to knock out. This would be a great boat got island hopping but not open blue water. Sail a West Sail 42 and then sail in this big R V and u can buy me a beer later for saving u such grief

phillydawg1313 says:

Wow, You do know, if the build quality is there? Game changer, That’s a BIG if.

Tim K says:

Boompa, she is a beautiful vessel and very, very, very well thought out. Seems like a 55″ yacht fits inside that 40″ hull, amazing!

SaltyStang says:

Great video Grandpa that is a awesome boat for sure I love the use of space and the raised cabin and it has a crazy amount of storage steering compartment I must say is super nice great boat

phillydawg1313 says:

Wow! German engineering is truly something to behold. That center cabin and workshop literally Blew my mind! I can’t stop thinking about it : )

Steve Baas says:

SWEEEET! But out of my price range. Love these types of videos.

Simon Hantler says:

very nice and love the full view. lots of great ideas but what about a bimini so i can steer out of the sun.seems like the main sheet might get in the way.

benc65753 says:

Watch the Sirius 31 video. Only thing the 31 doesn’t have that this one does is the lowering stern. Pretty cool.

Bruce Klein says:

I’ve been looking at the 31.These are great boats.

Gregor Miller says:

Great stuff. Have you checked out the Tartan 37′? I’ve been following you, and many others…Shaun & Julia go Sailing just purchased a really nice Tartan 37′ (up in Nova Scotia or round there) doing the same thing. Looking for a decent sized boat to single hand. I’m rootin for ya.

Austen Redmond says:

looks very nice. maria is about to hit the leewards & there is another tropical depression forming behind her.

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