Gunfleet 43 Boat Review

Yachting Monthly’s video review the Gunfleet 43. YM’s Chris Beeson sails this new British built long distance cruiser. At £461,000 she’s not cheap, but is she worth it? Read the full review in the January 2013 issue of Yachting Monthly



Thanks for yours work, for your reviews, is always interesting to look!

Emanuele Amoruso says:

This boat has a great personality mi piace

MAREBLU2000 says:

ANCHE PER ME Beautiful !!!!

abaiti rus says:


Reinaldo Bim Toigo says:

Amazing test drive!

namlis erenos says:

The cost is the difference between fuel dock and normal “gas station ?

H.Ralf Lundgren says:


Nautical PappyStu says:

She’s a fine vessel… Thanks…

MechEngMan09 says:

I would totally paint the floor in the head like the transporter bay on the Enterprise!

Mark Baldwin says:

Elegant review. Not too much, just what one needs to know.

David Neipert says:

Flag is too big. Everything else is perfect!

James Christopher Oden says:

The compartment doors are also solid, which increases their lifespan from use aboard compared with others that are thinner, however, I’d watch the seals on them close to insure watertight integrity, in a planned maintenance schedule or cycle.

James Christopher Oden says:

at sea, sometimes lighted portholes and windows, especially on longer journeys, are important feature…

James Christopher Oden says:

It has a lot of the older styles, with modern upgrades, like the unique steering helm at the weather deck navigation area.    Speaking of new upgrades, was the vessel Christened by the owner?   In the new markets, or demo’s, the Christening Ceremony is a great first event to note on the Vessel Docuentation, however, the Ceremony has become a rare occasion in some places….???  

Hermann Otto says:

the music at beginning is torture

Capitano Americo says:

Love those reviews!

Igor Lebedev says:

Great boat! Ready to sell everything and go to her in the journey! Thank you for the review, closely following them …

James Christopher Oden says:

One of the main issues in sailing yacht selection is the navigation package.   I did have a few issues with electronics manufacturers competing with one another for the equipment selection packages.

M Brouwer says:

chris whats better gunfleet 58 ore moody ds 54 and why

Stephen Luta says:

Enjoy your reviews…

iappsdev says:

Why the winches for the main behind the skipper seat? weird boat design.

James Christopher Oden says:

The sky lighted sight windows are an attractive interior feature.

Christian Schmitz says:

good review if it weren’t for the presenter …. stop mumbling and fiddling with your pen.

vito delorenzo says:

should the flag be dragging in the ater water ?

baddogonline says:

I love those gunboats! 🙂

James Christopher Oden says:

The wooden weather deck is attractive, and a sturdy additional option to have.

Lyle Laderoute says:

I think this guy knows what he is doing and is good at it. I just wish I could understand him. It sounds like he is not anounciating his words. Maybe is the American British thing.

NoodleNinjah says:

This company should go bankrupt any day now cuz their boats are ugly

Myron Buzzwannanots says:

Thanks, Chris! I’m a Chris as well. You’ve indeed helped me understand what to look for when buying a sailing yacht. Your obvious experience & expertise are evident & I like your thorough investigation of each boat & the way you present it….the same every time! Sometimes it almost seems as if you’re a salesman for the boats you rate, BUT after viewing over 50 of your videos I’ve also seen you give away subtle hints when judging different boats…..very clever.

John Beauchamp says:

thank you for the wealth of informatin you’ve provided over the years. I feel i’m almost ready to go and order my boat. except i dn’t have the money yet

Venya Gotfrid says:

Хороший фильм.

Mauro Stocchero Pinto says:

Chris Please a review of Catalina 38. Good reviews..!!

TheSailingChannel.TV says:

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