Hanse 345 Boat Review

Yachting Monthly’s video review the Hanse 345. YM’s Chris Beeson sails the new offering from the giant German boatbuilder. She’s designed for easy sailing, but does she succeed? Read the full review in the Feb 2013 issue of Yachting Monthly


Sailing S/V Harley Quinn Essex, UK says:

Why oh why don’t they have frosted windows in the bathroom, seen loads of reviews of various boats and it’s always clear panels. Caravans have been using frosted for years.

Jack Lennox says:

On a boat this size, the last grab rail getting back into the cockpit is normally located on the side of the dodger – just about where you put your hand to ‘lunge’ into the cockpit. I think this is an easy fix…. 

radbcc says:

The more I see and hear Chris, the more I like his low key approach to reviews. His last 45 seconds were gold…

Nautical PappyStu says:

Well watched!, your channel is featured at “All Things Marine”…

Yachting Monthly says:

I’ve just had a quick sort out for you 🙂

Cozmic Knight says:

Great report, good editing. And some people may say, “what accent?”… but unfortunately I have difficulty understanding what he says also.
It won’t stop me from looking at the videos, because others can be irritating, and he’s not.

Bullerias says:

That looks like a Dehler next to it. Are you gonna review that too?

Dave TheFisherMan says:

this guy always knows his stuff, unlike some of the others that do reviews for this channel.

2007Gelin says:

I really love your reviews. They are very clear and helpful. Also very pleasant to watch. My boat is a Bavaria 33 Cruiser (2007). To me she’s a fantastic boat in every sense. Even when I compare her with new models (of all brands) she’s still the best for me. However, I hear some negative thougts about this yacht. I wonder if you have done any tests/reviews with Bavaria 33 Cruiser in the past (I couldn’t find any). I’d very much like to know what you think about her.

manhenk says:

I enjoyed the review again. Especially your excitment about the different features knocks me down.. 😀
I imagine you did the test on January 1st 2013… what a way to start the new year!!
Anyways… All the best to You and all the Rest!!

Blog Della Vela says:

90% of the test is dedicated to the interior, as if this is the most important quality in a boat.
I would like to see reviews in which the sea keeping and navigation qualities are tested, more than furnitures…
Fair winds! 😉

James Christopher Oden says:

the interior made with white wood, is outstanding craftsmanship, added windows on the roof, make the light on the interior softer.

Yachting Monthly says:

@nutella61 the Feb issue comes out next week, but the digital content comes online the week before 😉

Miguel Ruiz says:

I just love this guys review’s he an absolute beast, destroys every boat he gets into, boat architects and designers should hire this guy, he is a natural at pointing short comings, wouldn’t want to get roasted by him.

baddogonline says:

Opps, I think you answered my question too…

MNeilGri says:

I do love your reviews. As a new sailor and prospective boat owner, seeing these reviews, and the little details that an inexperienced boat owner may not think of, if very helpful and educational. I do wish your channel was organized with some playlists, such as boat reviews, quality testing, equipment review, racing, interviews, etc.

baddogonline says:

I love your reviews! The only criticism I have is, I wish you would show a few seconds of the boat’s diagram, so I could see the hull configuration and type of Keel. I’m always left wondering what type of bits are under the water. 🙂

Yachting Monthly says:

@baddogonline we’ll bear this in mind for future videos. We have the graphic artist who does the illustrations for the magazine, so we should be able to squeeze them in

Uriel1816 says:

Good review.

Professsor says:

I like this guys attitude, isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

takwita says:

Lewmar 40’s, seems underpowered to me. Ok for the small jib, 150-140 under winched

Antoine Albert says:

always so difficult to understand this accent…

Irina Schneider says:

Mir interessierte schon die gesamten Produkte der Hanse Yachten für das Jahr 2016, 315 und 345. Man hat ein schönes Gefühl, alle Bedienung auch Einwand zu Segeln.!! Was man braucht, so nah an die Winschen zu kommen.

Rottingboards says:

This might be the only boat Chris truly doesn’t like. 🙂 Great review Chris…as always.

John McAlinden says:

A super reporter, not afraid to call it as he sees it. I don’t know why we hardly ever see him nowadays. A man with such patent credibility should be able to find a career on television.

MNeilGri says:

Awesome. Thank you

G Mac says:

Chris does great reviews, full stop!

Thierry Lajouannique says:
Blog Della Vela says:

Ahahah. OK, it was just a rough estimation… 😉
I’m going to buy the magazine.
BTW… in my sailing blog (blog [dot] veleggiando [dot] it) I wrote an article about your anchor chain test. Is the january issue already available?

sailorman says:

What a bad interior. From the wood species, colors , layout.
Good review.

Yachting Monthly says:

Not strictly true the interior portion of the vid is only 44%. 🙂

The interior part is 4:50, on deck is 2:20, performance 1:40 and the conclusion is 2:00. The video is 10:52 long.

If we told you everything about the boat in the video there would be no need to buy the magazine. 😉

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