Knysna 500 Catamaran Review. Would it be a good live-aboard circumnavigation sailboat. Ep153

In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we are at the Annapolis Sailboat Show checking out the Catamarans to see what we think would suit us as a for a full-time live-aboard catamaran for when we sail full-time as we circumnavigate the globe.

This episode we cover the Knysna 500 which is a 50′ Catamaran made in South Africa. Watch to see what we think.

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Michelle Pucca says:

Dang I love that one. Where’s mah chequebook!

Duke Wright says:

895?? Hey can you spare 50 or 75g’s!!??

Snoopy says:

Ya, but where’s the washer and dryer? 😉

Michael Rouse says:

Great video with the 2 cameras. Was the machine spaces and lazarets off limits? Just curious of the space to work in because you know you will.

a U says:

I love your work with those videos, and the double camera perspective Only 1 small suggestion, if I may, put at the end, or in the description, the specs and price of the boats, please.

Chase Mixon says:

absolutely beautiful boat!

alphasxsignal says:

Been looking to long, you should have been on the water by now. People look to much.

Simon Hantler says:

i like the build quality and functional parts but the interior is dated. kysna have a good reputation.

Sea Travel says:

I like the two separate cameras and commentary, very insightful from a design perspective


Amazing boat…. from a non-boat guy that looks rather livable. Kind of like recreational camping, but on water.

Cigarmann says:

Another floating condo. I hope you look at Seawind cats, one if the few i feel is a true sailing cat.

Ray Mtl says:

Love the new format of your separate reviews and camera work and then your comments together at the end! Much more enjoyable then a standard review video. Who knows? Maybe a sailing magazine will use you guys to do reviews for them?

bill4nier says:

Well, had not heard of that brand, very interesting. I like it a lot! Will have to add this one to my list. Thanks for sharing.

al stuckless says:

great video guys never meant you guys but my friend Ray of raycan marine i think did you canvas . I own als marine service, and we do exterior seadek and interior flooring . I you guys ever need a hand , would love to help out. Keep the videos coming

BryanMennie1 says:

I saw the Knysna 500 at the Cape Town boat show last month. Was even chatting with the Xquisite team about you two. I hear exciting things happened at the Annapolis boat show.

Jack Rabbit says:

That furler on the staysail looks interesting. I’ve never seen one like that before. Would be curious to know how it works.

Michael Samuel says:

More sinks = more plumbing = more problems

Sailing Vessel Freedom says:

What was your opinion of the Antares?

Zarih Sundberg says:

Excellent! Thank you.

Tim Rainey says:

That would be a nice boat with all the wood.

Doug Marder says:

It was great meeting you both at the show! Looking forward to all your reviews and to get your final top 3.

Kelkschiz says:

Like the two perspectives. Nice edit, I think it shows that you have done quite a few of these. Looks like a very nice large boat, perfect size i’d think. Looks quite sexy on the outside as well. Much better than the Lagoons

jens martin Omland says:

Two Zinks is allright but what about the rest, like rigging and sail handling. Will two persons be able to handle it comfortably.

David miorgan says:

A most excellent catamaran! Beautiful design, fast cruising, superior handling! One of the top sought after cats of people with the means and appetite for custom catamarans with distinction and grace! Lovely! Well done!

grancito2 says:

So Janice wants to clean her teeth in one hand basin while you wash your hands in the other after taking a shit. That has to be female logic.

Play b4work says:

I hate to criticize, but perhaps talk to a sales rep before the walk thru, that way you’ll know what your talking about and won’t have to correct yourself continuously.
Enjoy your shopping.

Spike African says:

Thanks for doing these… great job! It’s appreciated and enjoyed. Lol, saw your boat in Portsmouth a few weeks ago and was surprised how big it was! Looked like there was an identical sister ship beside her as well. Your vlog really helps people like me with the peculiarities of our particular area… We are seriously thinking about cruising life. Late Bloomers I guess!

Ian Hughes says:

Shape looks outdated compared to the production cats today and the hulls seem narrow for a 50ft.
I like that cockpit though but i guess the teak floor is an option? Or was the price you quoted for what you see?

al stuckless says:

By the way i agree with Janice that boat looks all plastic from the video

zzzx xzzz says:

So I think it had a roller furling boom , of course you didn’t show that ! Shame shame !

Edson Kidwell says:

Yup killer boat oh boy lagoons again argghhh!!!!

Steve Bellamy says:

Thanks for sharing. Those two Seawinds in the background look sweet in profile. Would love to see a walkthrough.

SV Catching Up says:

It’s so cool seeing this Knysna500SE on display. We were the next production slot after this yacht was launched and we went with proper wood cabinetry.

Evan Spading says:

my advice is to not spend all that money on something this expensive. there is a lot of boat that can be had for far less money. By less money I mean fractions, there are plenty of very seaworthy and comfortable boats under $150,000. Granted they may not all be catamarans but I think you might want to get your feet wet before you commit to that much money invested into a boat.

ysesq says:

wood on a boat gets wet, rots and get moldy. since the hull and exterior are plastic why not just make the interior plastic. the plastic chosen looks tacky but there is nothing stopping you from getting a better faux wood/plastic finish. another advantage is the weight – wood weighs a lot more even in mdf than a good plastic part.
i would go for an all metal boat if youre going wood so you can strip out the wood at some point and replace it while keeping the hull intact.

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