Kyosho SeaWind – 1 meter racing-class sailboat – Presentation and sailing-demo! :)

Hi there people!
I had planed to do a info-video about this 1-meter sailboat for quite a while, but Theibault finally pulled the thigger 😀
So.. here it is 🙂

Length: 998mm
Width: 226mm
Height: 1,850mm
Weight: approx. 3Kg
Sail area: 39dm2
Sail-servo: Kyosho KS501SW (WP 18Kg)
Rudder servo: Kyosho KS202W (WP 9Kg)

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DutchRC Adventures says:
Marcos Fulling /CEO says:

Thanks for a much more comprehensive video then most. Do a powerboat next.

Admiral Genius says:



That was so beautiful <3
Awesome job my friend!
Thanks for sharing 😀

David V says:

Who knew Sean Connery liked RC’s

Star-Lord says:

Great video sir! I had actually never seen rc sailing boats :$ Looks relaxing 😀

Theibault says:

Ask and you shall receive ;). Thanks for posting that. That is one of the board I’ve been looking at. Very informative and good sailing my man.

BonCarbon4U says:

Hey, checkout the german stockmaritime yachts, all carbon and good as hell

Detlef Heine says:

Awesome 🙂 What about transportation in a car? How long does it take to assemble it after transport?

Pieter Ravensburg says:

Bukke overstag pas op anders blok voor je kop 😉

Mike's RC Corner says:

great video… beautiful boat!

DutchRC Adventures says:

+devolutiondav Thompson Thank sir! Something quite different huh? 😉  But yep.. this is a nice kind of RC-ing as well 🙂

Rookie101 says:

Looks like a wonderful day for sailing. Great video.

Dick Metselaar says:

Hallo, Is dit een geschikt model om te beginnen? Ik wil graag naast mijn RC-vliegtuigjes graag een boot erbij hebben. En waar in NL kan ik goed terecht voor een beetje keuze in RC-zeilboten?

Admiral Genius says:


RC Hobbyist Extreme says:

Careful…You may get me hooked on another RC toy! lol. Funny I have never gotten into them before,there are usually a few available for sale on craigslist locally. Many of the older guys used to be into sailing these…funny,I resemble that comment now…geesh,Im getting to be one of those older guys now..

tnnss111 says:

A small piece of flagging tape on top of the mast would probably be a good indicator of wind direction.

ErictheRed RC says:

I really enjoyed your commentary and demonstration in this video. It was much more interesting than I thought it would be! I’m sure it takes a lot of knowledge, patience and practice for this hobby.
Thanks! While watching this, it brought back fond early childhood memories of sailing with my father:) We went out quite often in the early 70s for a few summers with a family of 5. I remember it having long wooden bench seats on each side.


Wow, very good video here. I just bought the Dragonflite95, I will def look into his Kyosho as well, looks very nice and race worthy.

ripmax333 says:

can it handle some choppy water? did you tried in saltwater?

S. White says:

How easy is it to capsize?… what kind of strength wind do you think it could handle before being too hard to keep upright (on the lean!)


Great info brother, thumbs up 🙂

Devolution RC says:

That is a very nice boat.

Jake Bullit says:

Very nice boat.Makes me want to get my TT Voyager on the water again.

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