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Joseph Hinton says:

If only the girl and dog came with. 🙂

Matthew Taheri says:

Freshly unemployed but when I start getting paid again, so do you!

SHoRM says:

why is he selling his boat

bon vivant says:

I like the utensils storage. I wish I had schematics, but I think I might be able to build it.

MLG DutchMan says:

I have the same boat

Yoshi Universe says:


Pravesh Sadasing says:

Love your vlog from mauritius island.. Thnx, keep uploading more. will keep following u

Mack Totman says:

Still for sale?

W3llcome to RansWorld says:

I love South of The Border

Jack Skipper says:

yea real life sucks, liveaboard!! You need a big cat and charter people.

Scooby's Scoop says:

Should have done your brightwork before selling, would really help the price.

joses box says:

I really wish you guys would keep sailing. I hope you guys buy another boat and do just that.

tonyelbows says:

rich people always have fun.

broz here says:

I am new to your channel. how long have you been sailing for? are (were) you selling to purchase another boat? did you live on board for long periods of time?

Michael says:

15k usd??

Glen Robins says:

does the the girl come with boat?,,,j/k,,,,very cool,,,nice boat,,,youre very lucky to live the dream ,,

achum2sum says:

Gotta say that blonde first mate seemed like she would have been a liability when I watched the earlier Wicked Salty shop for a boat vids, now she seems like a perfect companion for you man, hope you get that new SV for the next adventure

Jade Enigma says:

Maybe you should look up the definition of “lazarette”.

johnny llooddte says:

i ll buy it

James Burnfin says:

i have an ideal for you do a drawing like everyone buys a ticket for 20 dollars and in a year u pick someone and thay get the boat it pulls money in like probably more than a lot more than u ever imagined like 100 thousand dollars like tell people hay send it name address an phone in a year u do a vid of the drawing it could really work an thats your new boat i never went sailing i just watch vids i guss i live through looking at u all others doing it

Paul Boyce says:

Is it sold?

Muffinman says:

I’m about a year out from buying a sailboat to live full time on. I can’t wait. The boat looks great but I hope for you it’s sold by the time I enter the buying market.

jared testerman says:

Is it for sale still

Brian Ludlow says:

Why didn’t you convert the CNG stove to Propane,  not a hard conversion, and propane is far more available

joe z says:

So you bought a nice boat, sprayed some 409, and then just ran it into the ground. Man. This is painful to look at. Sorry. Want to like you guys, but this saddens me. It was, in a previous life, a nice boat.

johnny llooddte says:

cant shower??? every boat ive ever owned… weve had unlimited fresh water makers

Viktor Arvid says:

Great tour. Thanks!

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