Malo 37 Boat Review – Full Version

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Thanks for your job. From Ukraine.

Yo Man says:

It seems like an honest review of this boat.

Jayson Beslig says:

She looks like a Blue water cruiser as well.

fletchlives66 says:

Dear Yachting Monthly Your Australian digital subscription on Zinio is a rip off. Thought you should know it’s 3 times the UK price. Have cancelled. Cheers

Martyn Denman says:

I love the reviews keep them coming

Eloquence says:

What aspects make it a northern climate boat?

Krzysztof Zelenka says:

Godne polecenia polskim szkutnikom !

David Curtis Watts says:

Come on Yachting Monthly, give us the Rustler 37 and 42.

x*RedEyeOfJupiter* x says:

Every time I watch these Sailboat Reviews, I Wish I was Loaded with $$$.

David Levy says:

If that guy was doing reviews on his own, and I had to pay, I would totally suscribe. He should start a patreon or something. Probably the most unbiased tester I have seen and heard. Anyone knows his background/name?

TheSailingChannel.TV says:

The Swedes are great at creating well engineered vessels that are crew friendly.

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barbwirepupp says:

Yuck music

fletchlives66 says:

I wish you would teach all the other boating magazines how to do thorough reviews. The best Thumbsup

MrCbass1234 says:

I live in the west coast united states, what is the price rang of getting over here. do you have a dealer or broker on upper north west coast? cold environment ruff waters here does work well here? do I get a discount if I fly there?

CinemaDemocratica says:

Very nice video. Music at the intro was a little long, and got a bit fatiguing. Otherwise outstanding.

Nautical PappyStu says:

Well watched… Calm winds and following seas…

Sebastiao Henrique says:

gostei, qual preço $$$$… Brasil -Rio de Janeiro. Henrique.

umpadedooo2 says:

Excellent review!

Argus Brown says:

I really like some of the stowage touches: a spot for the washboards, a counter that fits over the stove, and the hinged seats in the salon to access the storage below.
I think a traveler would be a nice add-on.

Frank says:

Strange how the teak in cockpit and on deck has different color. Review boats are typically brand new…

TeeFunkable says:

Good review and I like this guys style since he is not one of those plastic media presenters. However, I can’t help but to wonder about the not for mediterranean comment.. What does that mean? Is it because she doesn’t have the main traveller on top of the companionway, super wide arse and two wheels? Or is there a real reason?

MrCbass1234 says:

same for me to, well done video not with BS music, strait to the facts. I also like where you talked about the forward birth that they might put in port holes. sound good on that Idea.

OokTiaopi says:

Does this boat hav engine on it? I dunno how to sail a sail boat.

Harry Hellewell says:

Looks like a lovely boat.

Jaxon Depp says:

Good review for sure. But the reviewer sounds quite asthmatic.

gordon kistler says:

nice boat but mine is better!

Pedro says:

so far my fav 30’s sailboat

Igor Yuzefovich, violin says:

Fantastically clear and succinct.  

jb hann says:

Why did Chris say that, this boat is not all that great in warmer climates, as there’s better options? Why is that?

Eli Harel says:

אהבה ממבט ראשון רק אני והים הכחול

Iv T says:

Indeed an excellent presenter

mike carey says:

Great Review!  Really like that anchor roller, woodwork, engine and battery access!  When you give base price- is that Euros or Pounds!

Cozmic Knight says:

How much is the average boat slip fee for a 37′ to 45′ foot boat I wonder. I know they must vary, and… If I could afford a boat, why should I be concerned about the fee of a slip?
I’m just curious.
And I imagine that a catamaran would cost more.
Cheers. (Good show!)

Fernando Romera says:

insanely expensive

Steve Russell says:

it looks and sounds cold there.

Brandt Tingen says:

What happened to these reviews? They are the best.

James Smith says:

This fellow gives the best reviews, he could do with his on show/channel on youtube.

ddgg44 says:

Will be perfect if he would learn to speak clearly instead of muttering to himself !

Julian Ibanez says:

I keep coming back to this video whenever I feel depressed. Although the boat I don’t like inside, this boat under sail looks like a dream. This is the boat I love.

dougefresh133 says:

She can be yours for only £300,000.00

Everything Cool says:

i was on an old boat it had a the cooker on polls so it was always upright

wlcsp says:

300k pound sterling? Tartan 3700 is about 100k cheaper.

David Pehrson says:

It’s Malö 😉

excelente video!

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