globyois says:

Good to see a fellow live aboard going after it.
Yes, Pearson’s good choice. Quality boat. 
So glad you’re out there, encouraging others.
I’m in Galveston living aboard S/V Jenna Simone, a 1984 Jason 35. She needs a lot of work, but the hull is good and the deck is ptretty good. She’s never had her mast stepped. Guy that had it died, then another guy took it over, then he died. EEEEKKK!
My immediate goal is to stay alive.
It’s very slow-going, but I’m doing a little on her when I can. I work a lot. I’m a writer and am currently finishing a very, very long novel. Over a quarter of a million words!
Sorry for the life story.
When my boat’s up on her legs, let’s make a run to the Bahamas together, have some laughs with some nice lovely ladies and talk seamanship.

Skipper Andy says:

Hi, wishing you the best

Robb's Homemade Life says:

I lived on a boat for a year on the Miami river, it was very enjoyable.  The good weather is coming , not as much fun in the summer. Best of luck to you.

videobreakthru says:

thumbs up ~ congrats on new boat! nothing like live aboard life ~

christopher pifer says:

1st off ~ Congratulations !!! Pearson is a good boat!!! I have had yachts new and old, 18 foot up to 40 foot.+ many dinks and small boats.26 foot is nice  ~ fairly easy for upkeep and can live aboard comfortably. ~ 1st checks, KNOW your BILGE PUMP system! check your float switch operation ( if any) ~ also check your batteries ~ be sure your they are holding energy properly ~ START there , and then begin to learn your TERMINOLGY of a sail boat. become the captain and enjoy!!! nice video!

Maynard says:

Breathing difficulties ?

Stéphane Fumat says:

if you like this video you can have a look at this website the guy provide a lot of tips and you can go sail with him during a week he also get a youtube channel

Max Stevens says:

were are you at what state and how much a month if i can ask.

merlinsdog says:

I’m hopefully winning an auction sailboat tomorrow! can’t bloody wait! the world awaits & I am coming!!!!✌

billy007191 says:

is that the Bradenton sarasota area?

Bryan Wirthlin says:

I know that marina. I will be living aboard a Catalina 25 this Friday.

Tim O'Brien says:

The 26′ is a solid blue water sailor.. Just have to watch your draft and get a dingy or kayak or both.. l would head to the Bahamas and make my way to the San Blas Islands in Panama.. They haven’t had a hurricane in 150yrs..

Zoffinger on Youtube uses a kayak to fish and has a 30′ live aboard at slip.. Kayaks can have sail, small motor or paddle.. This triak Kayak goes 12.5mph and gets 48mpg with a 2.5hp motor.. Could be a mud motor w/ Kalcker Reactor..

joe z says:

We lived aboard a Columbia 26 MKII for 15 years, your Pearson looks pretty homey. Hoping to watch more of your videos. Thanks!

Michael O'Rourke says:

I have an azimut 112 but it’s not a liveaboard

S/V Harley Quinn says:

Snap, although don’t live on mine. I used to have a 16ft fast fisher. Had to pay storage, launching, fuel etc and it does work out expensive just to get out their for the day. Now have Tomahawk 25 yacht which you can still fish from and stay away on holiday, weekend etc. Love it, so much better.

Cam Boden says:

Clean your room!

John Beasley says:

nice marina, where is it? looks like the sea walls were made from foam?

Christopher Darley says:

my boat is xtra 12 feet loger a rival 38 1 of da rarest boats

Andin Briwel says:

That’s the boat I first learned to sail on, 25 years ago – a Pearson 26.  Great sailer.

Gary Pye says:

I’ve been a liveaboard in Canada for 4 years, looks like you have it under control. There’s no better way to live.

Captain Capitalism says:

Pearsons are awesome.

Sailing Vessel Southern Lady says:

Just found your channel. Best of luck. Looking forward to more videos!

1 yachtcarpenter says:

Nice starter yacht, smart to go small in the beginning.

Hank Southworth says:

You sound like your directing a 80s porn

Bela Szabo says:


Old Goat says:

How are you doing so far? I have a Bristol 32 on Lake Superior. Not living aboard, but spend a week or so at a time on her. It is great. The wind is free!

John Doe says:

Good thing it wasn’t a longer dock.
I took a nap while you were walking out there.
Thanks for the fun video !!

Zach Smith says:

Thanks for the experience Bob Ross love the bushes we should put it in a painting!

Ted thesailor says:

A 26 footer seems like a small boat as a liveaboard, but if it works for you and the dog, then what the hell?

Uppity White Man says:

Lived on the hook for 15 years Person is an good enough boat, good length also.

Mark Miller says:

what part of Florida are you in

Mastiff Comms says:

Congrats! Try holding that camera a little more still, I about got sea sick from 1000 miles away.

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