On test: Contest 67CS

Yachting World video showing Toby Hodges’ trial aboard Contest Yachts’ first new Judel Vrolijk designed 67 footer. Ideal sailing conditions off Palma show this new performance blue water yacht in handsome style. Our full boat test report and conclusions are in the February 2017 issue


mistertarg says:

Wind noise on the mikes is appalling. Get some ‘dead cats’ for goodness sake! And is it just me, or does Toby seem drunk in some of these shots? A magnificent yacht, though. Must be a beauty to sail. I thought our 57′ nordia was big for my wife and I; a 67′ would be almost absurd!

Top Naval says:


Penfold Smith says:

Looks great in the sunshine….Bit of a bummer if its howling down with rain, no protection at all. Bit crappy really for something your making out is an ocean crosser.

Adnan Medic says:

I am debating which one to buy, this Contest 67CS or Hanse 675… Can someone help me decide please… thnx

Guide504 says:

do not like the hull design she looks heavy set in the water and the stern is deep set at heel and does not release the water well, bad laminar flow and loads of turbulence.

executor966 says:

what ridiculous pilot positions, just asking to get knocked over by a random wave or a strong gust

John Smith says:

very poor on the sound.

David Vivian says:

…but no main traveler. I don’t get it.


Toby says the same thing on all his test. The guy’s a jerk. Needs to get a job.

Daniel Frederikson says:

on test. ??? that is not english. it does not make any sense. go away.

EFUSA says:

i want one

Chris Krajewski says:

I didn’t hear a word about dry products storage , neither about retractable keel . What makes me furies (regarding all boats ) lack of a maintenance room. Not always sun shines , wind 3*B and everything works perfectly as on every video of yours.

mainstone media says:

literally the worst sound ever

ChristianBimages France says:

easy to handle for two????

Ricardo Anjos says:

Belo veleiro

ChristianBimages France says:

Toby, having seen many of your reviews I have to say, all of them were or are meaningless. You are giving no or very little reale information to the real Yachtsmen or Woman, you talk like a brochure, like a Salesman.

Paul Reading says:

Toby looked overawed in that video.

P.D. Smith Jr. says:

3.4 mil and no cover or safety at helm??? Maybe on a racing bout, but not a yacht.

Oksana Litvin says:

Эта яхта одна из моих фаворитов 🙂 Очень шикарная!

scuppersthesailordog says:

Please get a wind-noise filter for those on-deck chats. Most of them sound as if a train is going by, ten feet away.

Yachts Corporation Russia Яхтенная Корпорация says:

Лучшая парусная яхта “ручной работы” – Contest 67CS

augusto pelaez says:

mistake the kichen doenst have windows.,

casper5314 says:

My nipples always get hard when i see very well built and good looking yachts. am i an yachtsexual?

Alex FRASER says:

5:47 is Toby wanting to move in. 🙂

Mordalo says:

This boat would be useless for real bluewater cruising. Who in their right mind would stand at that helm for hours and days on end in inclement weather? A fully enclosable center cockpit is the only way to go.

86daily says:

The two wheels is ridicules especially if your exposed in the sun. Oh, of course, its for the crew. Who cares its the crew, who cares. I wouldn’t buy it no matter how fast it goes.
Lots of Love

John Smith says:

open cockpit looks a tad exposed for an atlantic crossing

donnyboy says:

You would not catch me standing, and more standing.

0234 Xx says:

great presenter. Nice hole in the water.

W. Martin says:

I think I’ve watched this video a dozen times. What an amazing yacht.

jorman arraiz says:

this is not cuban rum that’s venezuelan rum

Rafael Hernandez says:

Can this boat be sailed single-handedly?

Noneofyourbusiness says:

This boat…….several hot dirty girls…….several Kg’s of coke…..several cases of Veuve Clicquot…….now that’s how I want to cross the Atlantic.

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