Paradise 60 “Morning Star” – The Ultimate Voyaging Yacht – For Sale by David Walters Yachts

The Paradise 60 Morning Star is the ultimate voyaging yacht designed for a couple to safely sail anywhere in the world on long offshore passages while spending extended periods of time at anchor in no-compromise comfort. At the time of her launch in May of 2015 she was appraised at over three million Euros! You can now own Morning Star for about half what it cost to build her! She is an incredible custom aluminum ocean sailing yacht is the inspiration of Carl and Sandra Soares. After years of defining their requirements and working through design concepts the final vessel was ultimately drawn by Peter Bosgraaf of Bosgraaf Yacht Designs in the Nederland’s. She was built by the famous Dutch builder of aluminum vessels, Jachtbouw Folmer, who has earned a good reputation for building the highest quality of custom aluminum yachts. Morning Star is a one of a kind blue water voyager that is an incredibly capable ocean going sailing machine of the highest order.


Aussie 1 says:

very nice, does it come with cleaning crew…..

james hardin says:

No wheel? heck with that.

Mikael Ångman says:

A yacht so beautiful she had me blushing. It’s usually hard to balance function and form, no matter what you’re building, but somehow this boat got both turned up to eleven. Well, maybe 10.5. The only slightly negative thing I could see was the reduced visibility from the aft, something they addressed in the video. My new dream monohull!

Adnan Medic says:

AMAZING… If you ever need crew just let me know 🙂

Prof. MO Zeee JCD ECS says:

For a mono-hull and to be sailed by a couple, very nice thought through boat. Not for throwing parties! Good! technically almost a marvel, one can feel the owner to be a very logical man.

Mario Leal says:

That boat is really paradise. Seriously. It is beautiful. thank you for sharing. I am dreaming about something like that.

Mike Johnson says:

It’s Bernie Maddow. Holy crap he’s escaped.

SW Hiker Smith says:

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Santa! What a beautiful boat!

Lee Martin says:

he needs a hammock for shure;

Sun of Man says:

Is she CE certified so she can be imported to the EU/UK?

Helvio Markman says:

Super, the best boat saw in the market, ifI had money it would be mine. It is gold.

Michael Kerr says:

I’d buy this yacht just for the engine room.

Matt Allen says:

Well that’s this years drooling all taken care of…. wow!

John M says:

Totally impressed with your tour and the yacht. There’s a lot going on there. I’m hopeful there’s a crew somewhere for all the work.

Greg Appelgren says:

The answers to every comment below are in the video description.
What a perfect boat she is.

Troys World says:

Brian and the Bradsters  from Delos are drooling 🙂

Grant Myers says:

I’m in love with that engine room.

Grim Reaper says:

gheesh…thanks for making me drool & look at a lifestyle I could never afford….way to go David

ExRE_Sapper says:

Just bought her……….in my dreams 🙂

Sail Far Live Free says:

This is a very clean design with well thought out systems. I’d like to hear more about her sail handling systems and her performance. Is she a fun keeler or lifting?

drx1 xym says:

nice boat!

egindin says:

insanely beautiful boat…for now, just a dream…

Mike Hartmann says:

I don’t normally comment on these sales tour videos, but this boat is magnificent.

mrabrasive51 says:

powerball is Saturday nite!..wish me luck!

Todd D says:

No laundry machines?

hans guenter says:

…in dem vollgestopften Maschinen-Raum – möcht ich wetten – ist dauernd irgend etwas kaputt, und kann nur von Experten repariert werden; ! Mahlzeit;

michael d says:

This is the most Bullit Proof Yacht I’ve seen! A real blue Water Yacht! Designed by a Yachtsman! Back up systems when needed! AC in the engine room to use at rest to do your maintenance! Wow I love it!

Pat McCann says:

A very beautiful and well designed boat.

Anubis says:

wow! I want!

Andrey Rykovsky says:

Great boat. Love it. Very thought through

One Shot says:

How much

softminimal1 says:

This boat is just beautiful, good as anything I have seen.

Lisa Fike says:

please tell how much money this beautiful boat is going . I would sell my house if it was feasible.

Mark Steven says:

how much you want?

john wheeler says:

One can always dream

Noli's Art says:

Well designed ergonomic vessel
Does it have self bleeding diesel system?

Loanword Eggcorn says:

Wonderfully well thought out and nicely built boat. Sound is a bit low on the video. A lapel mic would be much better.

Chicken Soup says:

Wow, this is a well thought out couple’s boat

preluded says:

holy cow, very nicely taken care of and you can see his involvement in getting exactly the design he wanted…

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