Probably Buying An Endeavour 32 Sailboat – #13

We travel head to Mayo, MD to check out an Endeavour 32 sloop sailboat that’s outfitting for extended cruising.

We really like this sailboat, and it seems to have really been taken care of and maintained.

Negotiations will ensue, contracts will be signed, and money will change hands. Things are getting serious.

We’re crossing our fingers on this one, and hoping it could be the one for us!

Thanks for watching!!

Ben, Tambi, & Molly | S/V Sandflea | “SAILBOATSTORY”

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Daniel Hawkins says:


alexander5207 says:

Get the paperwork they are fishing for a better offer.

John Kaveski says:

and the NAME IS mollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

shugardad says:

Your crew seems prone to mutiny. Keep a sharp watch on them Captain. Remember in International waters there is no law. Slap them in irons. Bread and water.

ForSeTi Trimaran says:

Congratz and good luck with it

popsi kopper says:

If the boat looks honest and not beautified, you probably have a winner here. Good luck and looking forward how this works out.

James Levens says:

I think I was stalking that boat on sailboat listings. Congrats!

Franklin Rice says:

life is good when a plan comes together injoy guys

Boxing the Compass says:

That’s a nice looking boat! Even if the deal doesn’t go through, at least you know you’re getting closer. It’s only a matter of time!

John murphy says:

Congrats on finding the one,best of luck with the survey,enjoying your videos

david john Huxtable says:

nice lil boat a omg lot of long distance driving!!! for it hats off to you 3!!
for all of that tenacity
in aquiring this boat!!
i liked the mermaid blanket i want one!!
so as i can lay out on the rocks fool peoples!!

get arrested
by police
incarcerated given a min jail term!

liked the shape design size of this boat if you look after her she will look after you their safe n quite heavy despite her small size their quite solid on the water
nice lil purchase
anti foul her
oil up n varnish any wood check seals etc
get her out on the water as soon as?!!
great vid that was a real family effort! well done!!
aint cheap trakn about the country at the ends of a long boat search!!

Lisa Adler says:

I liked the Ericson better myself

Jason Argone says:

You make some interesting videos that tell stories…

Richard Knudsen says:

You all are so cute! You won’t be disappointed with the Endeavour 32. I have one as well and LOVE it!

anjong austre jr says:

agree…..good choice…..

wkw says:

Man! that yanmar was a new and improved version with the belt cover…and that water pump impeller right there at your finger tips 🙂

Titus Tiger says:

I enjoy your jokes, but I think it is great that Tambi, who probably have heard some of these jokes still is amused.

Watched some of your end videos, but wanted to catch up .

Another thing I like is how painstakingly I want to say boring.. but it isn’t that.. maybe frustrating it is to look at all those boats to find the right one.. One of the things I think is good about this.. .is after looking at so many, you kind of know what is right when you see it.

People selling a boat should watch this.. just coming on a clean boat goes a long way.. not having standing water… and so on

PTcruser65 says:

U kids is wack! and i mean all three of yous. love it. keep on spreading the love.

Siouxsie 06 says:

At last an ordinary couple! Most of these sailboat bloggers look like movie stars and come across very fake.

Chris Does What says:

Glad to see yall got a boat, wish you all the best.

qtube15 says:

mostly i only got to see your head an not the boat, but gave you a like anyway for the dance at the end

Russ Clark says:

Just found your channel. Looks like a great adventure. Noticed some experts/haters in the comments. Use YOUR best judgement and have fun with it!

tsdon1 Smithee says:

Cant believe the miles you going for a boat. But good for you. All that junk food though is gross

Robert Skillings says:

Should be a good boat! Congrats

Ben Steel says:

Good to see you finally found a yacht you like … Looked like you were getting a bit disheartened by some of the previous yachts you saw but gave you an insight into what was quality and what was not I guess … good job

The Corsair says:

Ha! That’s Kelly IV, Captain Murph’s boat. He always took exceptional care of her. Believe he only sold her because a woman found her way into his life.

Bob Dillon says:

If you don’t buy it, send me the info. I would like to have the boat..

Capt Chef Mark SV Alcina says:

Nice looking yacht, and now a new subscribed No 1478

John Kaveski says:

good night molly sleep tight lil lady

Merritt says:

You guys are so adorable its a treat to watch you all on this wonderful journey 😉 Subscriber 2122

shea devine says:

go bigger…..45ft…..believe me in 6 months to 1 year you will want to move up

Air Marksman says:

I own a 1978 Endeavour 32. I love it. Mine loves a port tack. I noticed in the video you have the main sheet is in the cockpit. Mine is over the turtle shell. mid boom. It is harder to adjust the main sheet in this location. Thinking about converting mine back. Mine has the 2qm20 yanmar. I love this version as if the batteries all die I can start her up with the hand crank. enjoy her. New subscriber.

John Edwards says:

Two happiest days in a boat owners life, the day he buys the boat and the day he sells it.

Jakfilm says:

Fun to watch this again a year later to see how far you’ve come, and how Molly has grown!

Rob Genins says:

Congratulations… I like it that you didn’t rush the purchase! You held out and found a sweet boat, looking forward to more videos.

S/V Redemption says:

I’m working backwards on the videos, forgive me. But the shallow draft and major power of the E32 will be most appreciated in the Bahamas and Keys. Those 8′ tidal swings and serious currents resulting from will test that motor and the large banks will make the shallow draft key down there! Great choice! Be sure to get a hatch wind chute and GREAT hatch screens! The noseums and skeeters there will murder. The chute will keep you cool and the breeze keeps the bugs at bay.

theislandpackrat says:

The engine is amain thing It looks really well kept, Can’t go wrong if the price is good. Watch some video’s on people getting there boat surveyed and check it yourself, you can buy a lot of stuff for $2000.00

apogeus2 says:

how much???

tsdon1 Smithee says:

Where did you learn to edit like this? Not just from this blog….?


When is the sea trial and survey? Good looking boat. Cheers

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