SAIL Magazine Boat Review Best Boats 2013: Hunter 40 Boat Review

Charles Doane, SAIL cruising editor, reviews the Hunter 40 Cruising Monohull


James Christopher Oden says:

I think the weather deck areas look sleek, and you’d hardly imagine the interior being so nice amenity wise.   A great candidate for single handed sailing…

Gavin Pruitt says:

Hunter boats just leave a bad taste in my mouth. Low quality construction.

Steve L says:

aft cabin makes no sense to me .

Never see the point in double beds that only have enough head room to sleep if you know what I mean .

would have been better to make aft head communal and had 2 single cabins with single coffin bunks .

aft doubles only work on mid cockpit boats .

because have engine in the middle under cockpit floor .

Head one side and a corridor the other leading to a full height aft cabin.

double on a aft cockpit is pointless in my opinion.

But im to fussy everything I get into im like fuck it il have to build it myself .

from boats and cars to computers and furniture always the same lol.

shananagans5 says:

I hope Hunter survives the recession. Lots of sailboat manufacturers are hurting. Hunter & Catalina are well established,reasonable quality builders that you don’t have to be rich to afford. Granted they don’t have all the frills of higher end builders but they get you out there sailing. 

Rob Lugo says:

This is another great video.

magician5841 says:

The set up on the website looks different.

Suzanne_RCDM says:

How much does it cost?

Robert Lugo says:

This boat is straight garbage  — the end.

JoeVSvolcano says:

Does SAIL Magazine ever give a negative review of a new boat?

mike carey says:

Wow!  This boat looks nice and keeps getting better!  Thanks for the post!

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