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Suaoki 150Wh Portable Power Station

Suaoki 100W Solar Panel Charger

Just when we thought we didn’t need any more solar…

When designing our boat’s new battery and solar system, we had hired a contractor to build a bimini — on which we planned to mount most of our solar panels. Long story short, we never got our bimini, so several panels have been sitting useless in our quarter berth.

Suaoki sent us a solar panel (100w Solar Panel Charger) and portable battery/inverter (150Wh Power Station), and we’ve been surprised at how useful they’ve been for us — even after upgrading our power system. Since we haven’t been able to use all of our panels meant for the bimini, the Suaoki panel’s 100 watts have given us the extra bit of power we’ve needed to keep our batteries charged — meaning no stays needed in marinas just to recharge our house bank.

The portable battery/inverter has also proven its weight. Lauren recently needed to access an old hard drive that required 120v. If we didn’t have Suaoki’s power station, crazily enough we would have needed to trek ashore to find a cafe with an outlet to turn it on.

These two Suaoki products pair extremely well together, as the portable panel can charge the battery/inverter directly, making them incredibly useful to anyone looking to get off-grid, but still stay charged up.

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Scott Van Dyke says:

kinda felt like an infomercia, more info on where your at and what your doing and I’m good. by all means get what you can from sponsors but I signed up for sailing life with a touch of product placement lol just me thoughts

rich noonan says:

GREAT job guys. Who the hell cares if you give an endorsement for any product? Not I. You were very clear at the start of the video that this company sent you this hidden agenda. I personally enjoyed learning about this solar product. Congrats to the smart people at the company who sent it to you. We are all big boys and girls you are not twisting our arms to buy this..if this company and many others want to give you cool free stuff to help you on your journey in return for an honest review. I am fine with it. Well shot, well edited, nice pace..great job. Lets see more products!

Tom Black says:

Presumably they are giving you this equipment in return for your sharing the experience?

Jeffrey Wood says:

I love product reviews and have no problem with you getting free stuff or even endorsements for sharing gear on your channel, But to be honest this felt more like a commercial (very slick video editing, by the way) than a product review 🙁
Thank you for the videos and sharing your adventure 🙂

J &S says:

Keep it up guys, love that smile….!!

will smith says:

you tube is a business, give 100% honest reviews and you’ll be fine… your credability is like your virginity… you can only lose it once

SV Bora Da says:

try Atlantic Towers. Its an easy way to install an arch for much less than having one built. took me about a day. holds a 200 watt panel, out of the way

taewachien says:

You will damage your Milwaukee batteries by charging them from an inverter and this is a bad direction for your channel.
Best of luck to you.

Andy M says:

Only comercial in this entire video ? Why not bake it into a normal episode?

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