ThinkVape Sailboat 85w Mod Review – Mike Vapes

In this review i show the Sailboat, single 18650 mod by Think Vape. Mod has it’s cons and looks very familiar.

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Daniel Carey says:

I love the ergonomic design. But as u said it the review it should have the capacity for a 21700 and 20700 and 18650. U should have those options with a single battery device. I’d have to say no thanks on this one.

Edgey Tech says:

Yoooo big fan man

Jay Schiltz says:

Lost me at single 18650. We’re at a point now where if your going to make a single cell mod, it needs to house all battery sizes.

Luca Landini says:

#tipovermod… Nice review Mr.Mike

Dan B says:

Great review Mike but I’ll pass on this one.

Bustedknuckles47 bustedknuckles47 says:

Mike you’ll notice that EVERY mod they make is basically a “knockoff” if you will of another companies device. Much like the Finder and Exus Ark. Not saying that makes them bad by any means as I’ve enjoyed the Ark. Just shows in my opinion they lack originality and are trying to maximum profits as fast as possible off of someone else’s design. Anywho thanks Mike for your take on that oddly colored Sailboat ThinkVape sent you

Robert Wyatt says:

It just seems like an obsolete mod. Why wouldn’t they make it fit bigger batteries? That mod with a 21700 would be perfect. It is a very sexy looking device though.

KillerWatt Ω says:

Like the look of it, it’s size, shape! Screen & power button is really cool! Now cons…oh man…a single 18650 at the end half of 2018, wat Are u thinkin?! Not a very steady mod either… it’ll be a pass 4 me but it does look cool & has sum appeal but not 4 me..
Thanks Mike keep up the great work!

Todd Anderson says:

Sorry I missed the live Mike didnt get an alert….Don’t like the mod but love the Intake!! Have 3 in my daily rotation…..Thanks for the look Mr Mike!…….Vape on::

Alexander Rahl says:


BigZorzy says:

First!Btw nice looking box!

Howard Bamber says:

Just like the yihi

Trae Peng says:

We are truly sorry for the manual mistake issue. Embarrassingly non harmful mistake with the sample batch. And sincerely thank mike for pointing out the error, which has been corrected for the batches afterwards. We are keeping improving ourselves.

James Johnson says:

Looks like a fishing lure…for vaping…

Ray Betancourt says:

6:49 Mike a lot of us Vapers lay down our mods anyway. “lay em down guys” cracked tanks suck//

Blake Bickel says:

Why would they only do 18650 it appears that theres tons on room for 20700 21700

patrick roberts says:

Back in BLACK

Fagan's Crotch Nuggets says:

I’m sorry but yes, this is a clone, as are all of thinkvapes product… The thor copies the geekvape blade, then they have their versions of the therion and the triad, both almost 1 to 1, or too close, and there are mutiple other clones they’ve done, same way as is… But hey.. as the other reviewer has already admitted, they paid the price to get some reviews and in the end, we all gotta make some dough and can’t hold reviewing it against you since you are being honest about everything as far as features and performance… except the fact it’s an obvious clone which would likely offend the company a bit too much, i

brian smith says:

go live again last time was funny! lol

devyn jeffery says:

nice review mike…

Aaron Mair says:

Think vape has a reputation for “inspired” devices… Not a fan

muhamed albader says:

What is the best Tank RTA?

Silver Black says:

I like it. But tips over. Game over Austa LA VISTA baby! Nice vid Mikey.

James Williams says:

Not bad looking still love my aegis legend

Mohammad Joniedi says:

Mike…. I have a 4 k milliamp 18650 battery…. It’s great an can do what that bigger battery will do

Banacheck Gaming. says:

I always stand my Mods upright I don’t really want to have to lie my mod on it’s side, also it’s only using a 18650 not sure why they wouldn’t make a 21700 with the industry moving towards 21700 mods. It’s not a bad mod through, even as a MTL vaper (obviously I do use DTL tanksRDA’s also) I want a single 21700 devices amazing battery life with a small footprint still. Great review.

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