Thinkvape Sailboat Box Mod Review and Rundown | Almost Identical to MX Class

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This is a (p)review of the Sailboat by Thinkvape. This product wasnt horrible, however the biggest thing that was factored in the rating was the idea behind it. You can tell the difference between the two, however its just entirely too close. I guess if you cant afford the MX class and want something similar to it then this would be it.

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Matt Norris says:

Good shit jai

mathu 5033 says:

Hey jai, love your channel the most honest reviewer on you tube. Would like to see more how to vids I’m new to vaping and I’m into rda squonking thanks for all you do!

Wesley Duca says:

Put a sail on that thing and let’s go sailing!

Dan the Vape man says:

OMG, when you were pushing her hands together… LMAO

Francisco Stella says:

26650 would be nice for this mod

Vincent Filipov says:

One MOD to rule them all!

ironman211dr says:

why make something that not everyone can​ buy ??? DUH!!! AND IM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE PRICE.

Matthew Marino says:

The 485J/480BT both have firmware update’s that fix the battery life issue. The issue was they’d cut off at 3.3v, instead of 2.6v. Also, it’d cut off before the resting voltage was established. Both give from me using the same VTC5D in a 75C vs. the 480BT, the 480BT got about 25% more battery life than the 75C, due to the 10% less battery efficiency and more power hungry screen.

David Muller says:

Jai……… If you and Brie dont get married, than i will stop being a Hazer. Ok…im just kidding. But that girl got it, shes beautiful inside and out. And you guys have great personalities. Boom boom goes the dynamite.

Then We Cheeched says:

Henceforth, this mod shall be known as “Lil Yachty”.

Agentscarface says:

Jai’s Ric Flair impression 00:05

The irony 00:12

The face you make when someone farts 00:24

Bree pretends shes stabbing someone who walked into the shop after she spent two hours on a product the customer is currently buying from another vendor over the phone 00:52

Jai’s breathe smells minty 03:42

The label at top right of said box mod should read “African American” , racial? 03:59

Penis reference 05:03

Jai questions the mods sexual orientation 09:06

Jai is a big fan of the mod 09:36

Many thanks from Jai 10:36

Jai throws up 12:25

Terry Burnett says:

lmfao little rubber shits!

ISmellLikeEJuice says:

All of Thinkvapes mods are clones… The Thor you mentioned is pretty much identical to the Geekvape Blade, Thinkvape Finder is an even closer copy of the Triad, Thunder is a copy of the Therion and so on… They basically clone every Lost Vape Mod and some others… And no they aren’t making these design “their own”.. Straight clone co and low-quality materials used. I feel like they shouldn’t be given any publicity man.. Hope they paid you at the very least.

Dermont Dillon says:

Not digging the whole design of it, nor the name.

extreme psykosis says:

That girl is just HOT ;x

Kittycatchile Dobson says:

I had one of those coin holders when I was a kid.

jonathan demaria says:

Do you and the red head fuck??

Eric Sutherland says:

You said dingy lol thanks for the review

Matt Clark says:

Sailboat looks like a plastic fanny pack. ThinkVape Exus Arc was my 1st mod. No DNA chip and slow ramp up(I didn’t know shit). But, easy 200watt device to use. Very tough.

Jose Carrero says:


noun: junk; plural noun: junks

a flat-bottomed sailing vessel typical in China and the East Indies, with a prominent stem, a high stern, and lugsails.


I won’t apologize for that observation, because just about all of my vape gear is made in China. Anyhow, this mod isn’t for me, but I bet that it’s still fairly decent.

BTW, Jai, your Haze Mod seems like a superb piece of design, with aesthetics to match. I like aspects of the two versions that you showed. It would be awesome to see them integrated in a future edition, and with a larger production run.

jesse mullinax says:

Sailboat I am sorry but that’s a dumbass name

Right To Vape says:

Now why are companies still making single 18650 mods? I understand Dual 18650’s but single ? When you can get 20700 or 21700 batteries ? Hell you can even get 20650 batteries . Make a mod to use the 20650 and 20700 batteries at least Thinkvape. It might add 3mm or 4 mm to the mod one way or another but More battery life . Stop making these single 18650 mods ,,21700 and 20700 are too plentiful now to not be using them

B Kopp says:

Rubber purse! Lol woot woot!

Mike Burg says:

I’ll never 4get those rubber coin holders, my gram had them lol.. Great vid jai!

Euphoria___ says:

Yep, Thinkvape has a bad habit of copying other companies designs. That’s why I refuse to buy anything by them.

jonathan demaria says:

Just figured you did the way you treat her and how she responds to you’re every request that’s all

daschnitt says:

“Dont look at me like that, you know what FUCK YOU!” I fucking lost it. Great shit Jai.

Robert Buchanan says:

Bri should be on camera more!!!

Chris Bryant says:

The coin pouch lmao thanks for review and the laugh Jai keep it up!

Dwight Frost says:

Cool, George Burns and Gracie, too obscure?

Epsilonsama says:

I expected a freaking sailboat looking mod, instead it’s just a box mod.

Ruben says:

I remember those coin purse when I was a kid my grandmother had one of them. I would never buy a mod I can’t stand when I put it down on the table.

gzin33 says:

I am 50yrs old I remember those little coin purses from I was young. Thanks for the video. I always look forward to your videos they make me happy and laugh.

rabidbeaver says:

great review as always

Michael jhon Tiu says:

Think vape also do thunder


The vagina coin purse

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