Ultimate classic racer-cruiser yacht for sale

Eight years after BOJAR’s launch, skilful sailor and yacht designer Johan Anker drew the lines for the Dragon One Design. The above video is www.classicyacht.tv’s latest featured boat for sale video.

Details on BOJAR are here: http://www.classicyacht.tv/home#classic-boats-for-sale

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suckerfree23 says:

The inclusion of the bimini is a bit of a disappointment. Unnecessary if you ask me.


Красота! ))

The Casual Citizen says:

So beautiful. I once owned a 5.5 meter with very similar lines. But mine was built as a racer. She could beat so close to the wind and make good headway. I love your boat.

El Baron says:

Absolutely beautiful…

Coleen West says:

….everything not to have in a sailboat. Horrible wasted spaces. Impractical lines. Ugly shape. Slow. Basically a small day sailer with all the costs of a larger sailboat. There are very good reasons that they don’t make this anymore and it’s not because they can’t or have forgotten how to.Nightmare.

Mfanawemkosi Fakudze says:


John Sangster says:

Thank you for sharing a video of this gorgeous yacht with us and the music is just as ‘sensitive’ as the yacht is beautiful.

Allegro Man on trop says:

Pure poetry

Majoofi says:


Never Gonnatell says:

Sounds like a government employee to me. Remind me why they’re able to afford this sort of thing for indoctrinating the youth? He says fuck you to his student to go buy a yacht LOL What a cunt.

Andrey Strelcov says:


sixmagpies says:

So nice to see one of Anker’s designs well loved again. Certainly I consider him one of the ‘greats’.

Юридическая Служба says:

для эстетического удовольствия

John Smith says:

Todays boats are floating porta potties compared to these vessels.

Joe Kimblll says:

MAYAN john Alden David Crosby’s, comparable vessel

Viktor Lundgren says:

Absolutely stunning

Piero Bellina says:

Does anyone know the name of the artist or score for the background music? Beautiful vessel too, by the way.

Al Chalattenni says:

beautiful and classic curves.

jmuhr says:

What a beautiful boat. Even had I the money, I wouldn’t be worthy of it! I hope it has found a special, dedicated owner.

Blargenfladibblenohip ! says:

I wish overall double ended designs were more popular in the US, they are much more sea worthy.

carole lerman says:

Simply gorgeous darling!

onceANexile says:

Kinda reminds me of the north banks fishing schooner…elegant …

Valery Ivantsov says:

Classics, therefore, is called classics, that it is honed for centuries.

Mr.V 1 says:

это не просто яхта. это история

Thomas Munn says:

First glance – – – a Dragon! I watched them race from Granton Harbour in the Fifties and Sixties but could never afford one. They were such beautiful boats. The nearest I got was on a converted life boat with a petrol paraffin engine. I did have a marblehead sized model yacht called “Tirrich” which was sold to me at rock bottom price by a very kind gentleman who also inhabited Inverleith Pond where we sailed our models.. That gave me the “way in” to a community that allowed escape from my own family. In the fifties, Granton was a very busy base for steam trawlers and the newly appearing diesel powered boats. It was also the HQ of the Northern Lighthouse Board and had a few shipbuilders. The first train ferries went to Burntisland from Granton, using “The Leviathan” and others. Certainly of equal importance was the invention of the “linkspan” which allowed access to the ferries at all states of the tide. The ferries and span came from the fertile mind of Sir Thomas Bouch.
With great regrets, I still cannot buy BOJAR.

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