2014 MasterCraft ProStar | “MISSION 04: HISTORY IS HISTORY”

In 1968, an aerospace engineer-turned-ski school instructor named Rob Shirley was frustrated with the lack of technology available for towing skiers across water. To solve this problem, Rob and his team designed the first performance ski boat. MasterCraft Hull #1 was born in a barn and the final product, simply the MasterCraft inboard tournament ski boat, proceeded to rewrite the rules.

Our first boat represented the perfect combination of an athlete’s insights, an engineer’s design approach, and the enthusiast’s passion. It was a machine designed to make history. And in the years that followed, it helped establish a new era in waterskiing. It’s impossible to say how many records and personal bests were achieved pulled by Rob Shirley’s innovation.

To create the 2014 MasterCraft ProStar, our design team was given the freedom to take everything off the table and literally reinvent the ski boat. The goal was to combine performance, functionality and aesthetics into a package that will once again move a sport forward.


Mitch Cady says:

wow, just wow

75Tique says:

“To solve this problem, Rob and his team designed the first performance ski boat” by reverse engineering a Ski Nautique, the other “first performance ski boat” introduce in 1961.

Kevin Kiriluk says:


Jack Downey says:

what is that second board???

Guillermo Bargu says:

best video EVER !!

Wetlife5 says:

One sweet video!!!

G009 says:

Holy moly that was nice! Who did the video?

Andrew McCarville says:

filmed @ Shortline Lake Elk Grove CA

Peter Holman says:

Great video MC!

Chris Goodhue says:

Best waterski video ever

wkeown says:

A trick ski.

wallis_tho says:

Wait is that the WTT edition?;) looked kind of different to me

SailVideoSystem says:

Very Very nice!

rboothe says:

Aha – just figured it out from Bump’s website: CopterKids.

Taylor Horton says:

I like the way the video is put together, and just listen to that noise!!!

Reuben Biggelaar says:

Nautique Nautique Nautique Nautique Nautique Nautique

Greg T says:

Wow! Great video and even nicer boat. Can’t wait to get one, time to upgrade the 08 TT197.

rboothe says:

Nice work guys! I hope you’ll offer a behind the scenes (ala Xstar Adkison ad). I’d really like to see how the Bump Film crew got the shots that starts at: 1:00, 1:16, 1:19, 1:50, 2:27 (just to name a few, there are tons). I can’t imagine an octocopter going that fast, no helicopter rotor wash at 2:00 or any other shot and I see no hint at a cable cam.

75Tique says:

Yes it is a very cool video, glad to see a 3-event boat promo’d vs just wake boats. That being said, I will eat my ski if those are the actual sounds of the new boat. New ski boats just don’t sound like that.

PingûinoGamer says:


MicBergsma says:


chadjitsu1 says:

Nice Video

Colton BrockBank says:

Yeah! Marcus Brown is a Baller.

sho942000 says:

So the very first MasterCraft is actually just a showroom Correct Craft that was modified?

I think that pretty much affirms who is the king of tow boats. 🙂

That being said, this video is very, very cool. The talent, the boat, the sounds are all amazing. Very well done and I hope to see more.

I may own a Nautique, but I like all tow boats. MasterCraft makes a fantastic product

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