36 MPH – Slalom water skiing at top speed

http://www.fluidmotionsports.com Deep fast lake, boat churning at nearly 4000 RPM and one helluva ski set at 36 MPH. Getting into 32 off on this water is about all that can be done.


cpthuntergrant says:

haha yeah. hes going super fast when he cuts across the wake.

TheBattlestorm says:

so when he’s moving from one side of the boat to the other…that looks much faster than 36mph. im assuming 36 is the speed of the boat?

vampov says:

wow look at that wake. You don’t see that anymore this is one of those rare waterski boats. Awesome.

Eric Derk says:


david lewis says:

you have no idea what you are talking about
he takes 16 seconds to get through the course.
that’s the standard time.

aaron brown says:

this video is sped up

haggiss39 says:

36-40 is a great slalom speed for me!!! love it

Jack Furstenau says:

I’m 11 and I slalom at 40 you old nub

birdwiser1 says:

I know a guy who does passes at 36 on 14 rope for a warm up

andrew busby says:

the vid is not sped up, just because the boat is going 36 doesnt mean the skier is, some of the pros cross the a at 70mph even though the boat is doing 32 or 36

Goku's Gaming Videos says:

Yes they do, but water spray doesnt drop any faster no matter how fast you go. He is right when he says this is sped up video. Fuck you ignorants who downgraded his comment

Darcy Duff says:

Can’t beat Sproat Lake water… one of the finest lakes in BC

Darnell Brown says:

+paul jager im positive im going 40 and 36 isnt tops. my dad was tought to go 40 when he was my age

Darnell Brown says:

im 14 and is slaloming at 40mph ok?

habib ders says:

is this on Sproat Lake?

World Sport says:

Awesome video Paul, the location looks amazing!

mrfatfish1 says:

it is sped up so much

P Frank says:

OK, what happened to the wake?

Jon Jensen says:

GLASS i love it

Tyler says:

Great run!

Spencer Shultz says:

@2694wr A standard slalom rope is 75ft long. 32off simply means that he has pulled the rope in 32ft making the pass harder.

Tennessee Dax says:

I cut prettier. just sayin. he has great technique tho.

My Chemical Falløut! At The Discø says:

Skiing is fun as shit on glass water, but if you fall it burns like hell.

birdwiser1 says:

I know a guy who does 36 mph on a 14 rope for a warm up

MegaMuzoman says:

i ski at 37 in boardies and jacket haha ?

LANE says:

Nice job. Brings back alot of memories of myself ripping up millers bay at Okoboji. That was before they closed off the bay for boaters to set anchor and party. Oh well. I still have my old Saucier ski hanging in the basement..oh and my O’brien. I think I’ll get them out and see if my arms dont fall off after a few good cuts. Ha!

Justin Que says:

Everyone always prefers wake boarding or knee boarding, but I prefer going high speed gliding and weaving on the water with Slalom skiing!! It’s more difficult to learn, but when you pick it up it gets somewhat addicting haha.

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