Epic Tubing Video! : Sail – Awolnation

Another tubing video with tricks, jumps, and wipeouts!
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Hay Hay says:

I’m going tubing today omg a cowencedence

Alex Bevington says:

What type of boat

Tyler Burdett says:

Its nice to see people tube the right way!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really only need single tubes.

Johnny Carpenetti says:

bad this is a fail

Ethan Phillips says:

that guy it the water hard

Mikewatters99 says:

I was once tubing and i fell on the rope and it tangled my foot, there was so much blood from my leg…. major rope burn.

Stixx says:

me tubing

Daniel4RealCuh says:

The thumbnail happened to me but I was upside down for two seconds airborne then hit the water I fucking hate waves though cause the lake I go to they’re big af and that’s why I went like ten feet in the air

Kole Weishalla says:

Who wears a hat while tubing?

hi sup says:

What’s the name of that song

Kaelan the turtle says:

Got a boat because of this video lol

Jordie 2008 says:

I’ve been tubing since I was 3 or younger. It’s so fun! I love to surf behind boats and knee board!!!

Colecaw says:

Dope video

Hope C. says:

I have done this since I was 5 and now I have to teach my friends, but there going slow! I go way faster!
Went with my principal’s daughter on a lake like that and we hit a barge wave. Barges are really big boats. And man! My dad almost flipped the jet ski and I think we popped a whole in the tub.
(Hint we went higher than the trees. If you have every seen a oak tree In Kentucky that’s how high we went!)
And the friend I have to teach is scared to fall off ;-;!

Grzegor N says:

looks fun as hell but a question comes to my mind what happens when that rope from the other guy next to you grabs you by the neck????

Treaunna Mendez says:


Christopher Hickey says:

Can anyone tell me what tubes are they using and where can I get them

Daniel The Lucario 2.0 says:

I’m your 1414th subscriber

USA Ball says:

Just got out of the hospital from flying into barnicals

chunt2828 says:

Anyone reading this please go to my channel and watch some real tubing videos. Seriously do it!

Tim Currey says:

In my country we call it biscuiting

Katie S says:

I’ve gone tubing like every year since I was 4 and I’m 12 it’s so fun if anyone is a first timer

Neo B says:

i jumped backwards of it and i banged my head soooo hard on the water

Alex Bevington says:

This is how I tube and it’s the only way to tube

jorock805 says:

what tubes are these?

Blueoptic says:

I once had something like 1:28 with my friend, and omg the rope went slack and it was the biggest whip ever. Both of us held on and there was no chance holding on. That one was the biggest pain ive had in tubing.

Andrew Pettegrew says:

When I go tubing my dad whips me around with my friends it’s so fun

ThatOneGamerBoiz says:

Tubing is so fun if you guys ever get the chance do it:)

javen rocha says:

does anyone know what types of innertubes these are? they seem to be catching a lot more air than normal and thats what im looking for.

Savanna Smiles says:

they just like Jump on each other

Matt Bond says:

sick video and leap frog! wow!

DAzzY Creation says:

This makes me so sad! In summer id be happy but its winter and freezing in Wisconsin ughh… i love tubing ! My cousins and I always go hardcore on the tubes doing donuts, sharp turns, barrel rolls, jumping over each other (if it has a name i don’t know what it is lol)
Flipping ect. I just wanna get put on the lake and do this right now!!!

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