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First off, this is not something that I ever thought I would try (not a good swimmer and not that comfortable in the water). But my friend Mack just tried for the first time and I know that Zhenya is a good teacher so I gave it a try. Going at low trottle while still on my back was ok, but when it came time to try and stand up there was a wall of water that hit me in the face and I ended up swallowing a lot of water and fell. May try it again. This is filmed with my Sony HDR PJ-380 video camera with 55X zoom and was at the Delaware River in Burlington, NJ. Thanks for watching.

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Saturday with Davy says:

Nice of you to show your learning experience so others can learn from you.

Nebojsa Djurin says:

All wrong! Your knees must be bent to your chest as much as possible to lower the center of gravity. Also, skies parallel and close to each other. Arms around your knees, so can hold legs from stretching. Stay low until totally on water and then stand up.

Bando Bando says:

Arms STREIGHT, knees bent letting them touch your chest in the pull. Let the boat do the job of pulling you up. Your skies diagonal like this / as you were going up a mountain. Stand up as you feel compfortable.

extremevids1469 ! says:
CalebGVS says:

Olga Chavez says:

Tnx for showing

Matthew Morgan says:

I’m incredibly sorry this dude is who somehow came into your life to teach you to water ski.. Everyone’s right here – the boat does most of the work. You’re job is to keep those ski’s up and a good grip that allows the boat to do it’s job. Hope you’ve stuck with it and are enjoying water skiing!

ild|gaming says:

i got up first try for my first time geusss im a natural

searay3400 says:

you did everything right while practicing the only problem I see is do not gun the Jet Ski so hard, pull him up gentle, and just ease into the pull! Let him follow and let the ski do the work but slowly! If you try to snap him out you will just scare him.

Lorenzo Hill says:

LOL! I saw myself. An older couple came by and I got it!

Victor says:

Your arms HAVE to be straight

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