The RAD & FAD Collection

Before wakeboarding was invented, watersports pioneers of the 1960’s experimented with objects to ride behind the boat. Some of the more successful riding devices were wooden discs. Grandpa would take a piece of plywood to his woodshop and cut it into a circular shape. The family would take turns ‘discing’ in between water ski sets. It was a great way to introduce people to riding behind the boat without the learning curve associated with waterskiing. 50 years later, we’ve combined the nostalgia of the past with the advanced materials and construction methods of today to give you the all new RAD discs and the FAD board. The Round Aquatic Devices (RADs) allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to participate in a day behind the boat. Everyone is guaranteed to get up on the 5’ RAD+…you can put the handle in the handle hook, sit, stand or kneel, and away you go. For a more advanced ride, or once you’ve mastered the RAD+, try out the smaller 3’ RAD disc or the Fun Aqauatic Device (FAD board). The riding possibilities are endless. Fun for all ages, the FAD and RADs are guaranteed to turn some heads on your lake this summer.


Andrew Reiner says:

These things are POS. Just bought a RAD + yesterday if you go over 10 mph the thing dive bombs and will sink under you causing a massive face plant. Getting outside the wave is tricky as well as it wants to catch a edge since it is so thin and flip. video is very deceptive on what you can do with them, for the money and fun factor you are better off buying a regular tube

Jeff Bryner says:

Simon says y? lol

TheDivaoftheDeep says:

Guess I must be one of those pioneers from the 60’s! My dad cut a 37 inch round (3/4 in thick) marine plywood board, threw some pumice in with the blue paint to give some grip to your toes when riding & my brothers & I learned how to ride it when I was in junior high school, spin on it, turn round & round endless times in a row and finally I was the first (after my dad) to stand on the disk atop a child’s small desk chair & eventually spin round & round on that too. Over the years I have taught many kids & adults the thrill of disking & still, now at 62 I ride the chair atop the disk and spin around. This summer I had the privilege of teaching some George Winter Park (aka Meramac) river rat friends how to do it, because they saw me cruising by on my chair & were fascinated. My hope was to start another generation of tricksters! Now, one of the river rats, just today, bought your 5 ft RAD at the St. Louis Boat Show. I don’t know if it will test well with a chair but I imagine we will find out. In the mean time, I am betting pyramids will be in the works. So fun to see your product & I hope it really catches on! Christy O’Brien, Byrnes Mill, Mo

Yolanda Harper says:

500.00 is alot for the Big one…It is certainly not affordable for everyone

Gia Noboa says:

Que mierda no entiendo nada de lo que escriben yo no hablo nadita inglés sólo español Soy de Ecuador y tengo 12 años

Brad Peters says:

Just purchased the Rad+ last weekend, and had a blast all day with it. My 9yr old daughter was the first to ride it, and was spinning 360’s in minutes. It is a little challenging to ride, but that’s the fun in it. We were running about 15mph on a choppy lake on a windy day, and as advertised guaranteed to get up on the first try. Love it!

Troy Wise says:

My wife and I bought one a few weeks ago and everyone loves it! From barefoot skiers, water skiers, wake boarders, knee boarders, tubers to people just getting on the water for the first time, everyone had fun on the RAD. We pull it anywhere from 8 – 16 MPH, depending on weight and skill level, much over 16 mph and it will slip out from under a person and beats you up pretty bad. If you leave the ski rope handle hooked to the front and cut into a wake or lean to far forward it will show you who’s the boss. Much more fun just to hold onto the handle and ride, it does take some learning to cut across the wake, but that is what makes it a challenge. We even had the kids doing hand stands on it while pulling them down the river. Yes my dad made up the wooden saucer when we was kids and this is 100% better.

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