This Boat Is Powered By Your Jet Ski

This boat is powered by your jet ski. The Wave Boat is made by Sealver. You simply drive your jet ski into the boat and it locks itself into place. The belt-buckle system allows you to quickly connect and release. You can go from sun-bathing to adrenaline-filled rides in seconds. It’s compatible with most Yamaha, Sea-Doo and Kawasaki jet skis. Patrick Bardon created the Wave Boat because he wanted to share his love of jet skiing with his family. It took two years to turn his drawings into Wave Boats. Patrick says people use them as small islands. They relax, wake board, and jet ski all in the same day. The Wave Boats are so versatile that firemen use them for water rescue. They’re custom fitted to hold oxygen tanks and other equipment. “It’s a boat dedicated to lifeguards, it’s a boat that needs to be fast. So to be fast, it releases a stronger jet of water that permits a greater acceleration and permits the personnel to work in security. The fact that it uses a turbine rather than a helix motor, the divers that dive underneath the boat can also work in a secure environment.” The typical consumer can choose from five different models. The Wave Boat 444 is compact and sporty. The Wave Boat 525 is a family-friendly design. It has sunbeds and a table for a more relaxed outing on the water. The Wave Boat 656 is the most luxurious. The Wave Boat 656 is the most luxurious. Sealver also offers two inflatable models. The Wave Boat 575 and 626 offer a more thrilling ride. Ready to hit the waves?


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introducingmeasme itsjustme says:

1000 s]for a body of a boat

hoky3 says:


Merman says:

Look up the MSRP on these things. You could buy a real boat for the same price. They won’t be around for too long.

Dank Buds says:

Lol… Old news.. we had the same setup on a jet ski I used on spring break in 2008

Armen V says:

Who makes this stuff?

raccoon681 says:

Perfect for ditching relatives in the middle of a lake with no paddles

Eva Rhevans says:


Great value bleach says:

Is this the new nintendo switch acessorie

Mateo Prada says:


Josh Whitaker says:

So when did he make this because I saw this in the movie speed 2 cruise control in the 90’s

Firstsharkie says:

Or you could just buy a regular boat 🙂

M E says:

Um…. This sort of thing really isn’t new. This was around in the 90’s

BOSS MAN says:

A failed 20 yr old invention is about to fail again.

KFC dealer says:

How baby jet skis r made

myname is private says:

These were shit when I saw them at the boat show in 1990 and they are shit now!!! You get 1/3 od the useable “boat” space and none of the power!

Claude Smoot says:

Docking….Giggity giggity

aidan burr says:

not cool dudes wakeboard boats are way better

Jacob H. says:

No thanks sorry, I’ll keep to my yacht.

Get over IT says:

how much money???? cause the jetski is already gunna be about $6000.00 for one with a strong enough motor to not be strained by the job of pushing the “boat” around.

Broken Cow says:

One of the most pointless and dumb invention ever

snikwad003 says:

1:01 he totally snaked the shuttle craft idea


I remember seeing something similar in the 90’s

Hawk Gaming says:

Ive been on one of these and its really fun to detach and take the jet ski for a ride

Tom Bowes says:

Or you could just buy a decent wake boat

Paul Dawson says:

Sea-Doo made a set like that back in the 90’s.

Make Master says:

Water kidnapping

Animal Translator says:

Way to leave spouse in the middle of Ocean.

Craig Kaschan says:

Not new concept Sea Doo have had these on the market for years

DAMC3808 says:

Why is this so special?? Cuz it’s def not new whatsoever or innovative. I remember they had this on the show baywatch 20 years ago…..what’d that guy not patent it or something or renew the patent like the fidget spinner lady??? The one from back in the day was wayyyyy bigger too this has virtually no space for humans so is essentially useless!!

Boxhawk says:

This is another one of those ideas that seems great, but when you start looking at the downsides…

Ethan Al says:

1:27 that is the worst dive ive ever seen

bins says:

like a 100 horsepower? what a joke

Sheep Entertainment says:

If you were to cut this boat in half, would flex tape fix it?

SmoothieGuy says:

Just buy a normal boat that’s a dumb idea

Mad Mike says:

“Your jet ski”

darkspd31 says:

How to dump your girlfriend

david sanchez says:

This is nothing new. Someone did this back in the 90s for search and rescue and navy. For a time they offered it to the public.

kooldudes597 says:

Cool, so you get 0.2 mpg.

Thomas Nolan says:

But can it do a backflip?

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