Wakeboarding on a Ski boat – What is possible?

So I always want to try new things, and this was the obvious thing for me.

I often hear people complaining about their wake, saying it’s not big enough. I love a big wake myself, but unfortunately I don’t have access to a massive wake all the time, so I’m used to riding old wake boats with medium sized boats.

So i though, let’s try do ski boat wakeboarding and find out what’s possible.

Must say, I’m shocked at what’s possible!!!! Crazy!!!

Thanks for watching! 🙂

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Frosted Phoenix 53 says:

What was the boat

Kyle Isabel says:

Super nice riding. Really good looking landings. Nice video. Where are you boating at?

Vincent Armentano Jr. says:

Love the message! I think that was my first time seeing a special K on film lol Take it to slurpee!!

Claudia Carroll says:

That was awesome

John Schmidt says:

To easy…. to easy. Wish it was that simple haha

Hello By says:

You can wakeboard just fine without perfect pass. If you don’t know how to control the throttle without perfect pass then don’t own a boat.

Brian McNeil says:


korndoggocr says:

David – I’m learning to wakeboard behind a ski boat (with just a normal ski pylon). Which would you say is more important – Adding ballast or a higher pull (tower/high pylon)?
Your videos are great. Keep it up!

SteelAlchemy says:

I just paused it at 1:46 I can’t believe you landed that!…. your a beast!

cory mandeville says:

can you make a video of wakebarding behind a pontoon boat?

sleegp1 says:

dope vid. you just got massive steeze points from us hood riders 🙂

Reet Proper Berk says:

Orange kook

Chevrolet Silverado HD 6.6 says:

Wow dude. Mind is blown.

PersingerGroup says:

First boat I learned an invert behind was my Mailibu Skier. Sandbags for weight. Learned a bunch of tricks behind that boat. QUESTION: Do you think wake size dictates board size, style? Smaller wake = Bigger Board? More rocker?

RH Productions says:

You are insane!!!

nina 31 says:

why are you not scared to fall

Elliot slatts says:

amazing! in all honesty tho what is the likelihood of actually learning tricks like these on a small wake? and any chance of a how to bel air? such a sick way to finish a set haha keep the vids coming!

Keith Ritterhouse says:

just came across this, you are very inspiring.Alot of people don’t have the 50k boats ( like me ) Ha….I just bought a couple of sacks and cant wait to watch all your videos and do the best I can

Donald Trump says:

i learned how to wakeboard behind a skii boat

Simon Werner says:


punchisss says:

Dude! You’re impressive! Cheers from Mexico City! You should come visit and give us some classes , I’ll trade it for a tour 😉

clark hall says:

You can piece together perfect pass on eBay cheep. Also buy the gps sensor from nautical logic then you don’t have to drill a hole in your boat for the paddle wheel and it controls much better. You can surf your boat too with 3500 pounds of fat sacs and a cheepazzwakegate. I had that setup on my prostar. I got a few vids too if your interested.

Wicklow CFR says:

Hi man been watching your vids for the last year and been following you on social media and just wanted to comment and say that you are pretty shit

MicBergsma says:


Nathan Borel says:

Is it better to have a board for boat and a separate board for cable? Or are there boards out there for boat with a grind base?

Bubbles vlogs says:

are u Irish

Tyler Toberman says:

What’s possible on a jet boat?

Brian Abbott says:

I learned mostly a lot on an old outboard… I forget the HP but, a tiny boat. There was a semi-pro who rode with us one day that said it had a Sea-Doo wake…. BUT, the thing is, once I started doing inverts – Tantrums to start, I could see the landing and could feel the trick, it felt I should have stuck it… tried all summer. Then, in the winter, a well known local rider invited us to dry suit it (We were riding in WA State in the US) on his ski centurion. He had sand bags all around the edges of the interior and, I think like… at least 4 fat sacks, the thing was riding the water line – low rider, big time. But, first try, stuck it. Then, Front Roll, Frontside backroll, all no problem. That next summer when we threw my friends boat in… stuck it right away, no extra weight but, something about being able to land it, I was able to take it back to the smaller wake but, not vice-versa. Its like, a lot of pros learn on the cable systems then, take it to the boat. I think the S-Bend was invented that way, I think it was the first trick actually to come from the cable or, maybe the Raley as well but, I think the Raley was actually a trick-ski trick invented by Chet Raley and then re-created by Darin Shapiro on a wake board.

Gaetano Aprea says:

What’s the name of that JAZZ CAT TUNE!!!! The horns and the keyboard I need to know!!!!

Ben Hammond says:

Ridiculous!! Wish I could half of these tricks. So smooth..

Mark Southon says:

Title is misleading… I was hoping he’d strap the boat to his feet. Should say “wakeboarding behind a ski boat” haha

SteelAlchemy says:

2:43 looked like that hurt

Athos Triglianos says:

Do a video like this where you wakeboard behind a rib boat

Ben Batters says:

I’ve watched this 4/5 times aswell as your other tutorials in awe of what you can do!Not only that.. You reply to each of the comments.. adding guidance! True gent. Keep up the good work! Hope to ride with you some time.

Stony Baker says:

Sooooo sick!!!

Eddie Thompson says:

How many fat sacks will it take in a ski boat to get a nice wake boat wake… if that makes sense haha

Chance Smith says:

Such a boss! You should do how too’s on slim chance and tootsie rolls! Keep the videos coming!

cristián maturana says:


Bad Juju says:

I wakeboard behind a pontoon so get rekt

Alain Kelder says:

You don’t need a big wake, what you need is sick ass skills! Very impressive and inspiring! I never even heard of Special K.

You inspired me to work on cuffed TS, but so far I’m just learning to crawl with baby one wake BS 180s.

Thank you!

Robbie Kourmousis says:

david please do a how to on a toe 7 and bel air

Daniel Wilson says:

The first Mastercraft X-Star was a center mount ski style hull. One of the best wakeboard hulls ever made was a ProStar 205 hull! They simply moved the motor the rear.

Cale Pliska says:

David, what speed was the boat going?

Jake Sanders says:

You should do a video on wake boarding behind sterndrives. Interesting to see how it compares to a ski boat

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