Wakesurf, Wakeboard and Ski in 5 Minutes! w/ 2018 Centurion Boats

Wakesurfing, wakeboarding and slalom skiing in one uncut take behind the new 2018 Centurion boats! How fast can you change???

We showcase how fast you can change sports with the Ramfill Ballast System and Centurion’s new versatile Opti-V Hull.

In this video we are surfing, wakeboarding and slalom water skiing behind the new 2018 Centurion Fi23 – an amazing crossover boat that also boasts one of the best surf and wakeboard wakes in the world.

See more information on Centurion boats here:

See more information on the Ramfill Ballast system here:

Check out the Centurion Fi23 here:

And finally check out the best selection of gear for wakesurfing, wakeboarding and water skiing at BoardCo.com:


Sylvain Mino says:

What can you do about the engine noise and exhaust fumes? I am looking at both the centurion Fi23 and the Nautique G23/230 (very quiet, and no fumes), but I like the quick fill ballast…

Timothy Jeavons says:

We actually got to demo that boat about 15 minutes after they got done shooting this video. I gotta say I was blown away! The video is great but doesn’t do the boat justice, it’s just that much better in person. The Boardco peeps really know these boats well, what they don’t show you is that with just a little fine tuning the wave gets even bigger and longer than what’s seen in the video, the surf wave they set up for us was simply off the hook! Also didn’t experience the loud engine noise as mentioned, must be an iPhone thing. Needless to say we’ve ordered one, and you should too! Happy surfing!

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