Water Sports : How to Drive a Ski Boat

To drive a ski boat, get acquainted with its safety features, turn the ignition and always be conscious of the location of the skier and rope. Drive a ski boat skillfully with tips from a water skiing instructor in this free video on water sports.

Expert: Greg Lawrence & Ross Skrudland
Contact: www.LakeLessons.com
Bio: Greg Lawrence is the owner and founder of Lake Lessons in Austin, Texas, with over 17 years experience in water sports. Ross Skrudland is an instructor at Lake Lessons.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


Dean Fitzgerald says:

Another expert village fail

connor mclaughlin says:

mine either these expertvillage people think they know everything

y2knoproblem says:

In some states a spotter is only required when not equipped with rear view mirrors.

Supraboat20ssv says:

Love the supra!

erichoward15 says:

@1powday1 pretty sure he said motor

stephen wright says:

you dont no anything about saftey

bftskir says:

good video…some need all the help they can get. all good advice. new drivers WILL makes mistakes, better slow mistakes that fast ones. He’s absolutely correct.

Nick Roshelli says:

Is this a joke? No inboard engine will die if you put it in reverse. Also, you didn’t turn on the blower….

hazzzzza says:

he defiinitely said boater… not motor haha

abad22 says:

that didn’t teach me how to drive a waterski boat lol

Benjamin Raymond says:

@jniepokoj123 then why are u watching them ?

Joel Jarvis says:


Abdulrahman Almoayed says:

….”Because sometimes, the person might die!” Lol

Willy Rofman says:

motor,,, he said the motor will die, you can’t rely on reverse… LOL

snowyphil65 says:

exactly what I was thinking

Tim Marks says:

the boater WILL die

braulio salazar says:

satan will find you

Benjamin Raymond says:

um u can actually get foot pedals for boats, jus sayin

barabasleviking says:

omg what a noob,we dont wanna ear about security moron,we want to no what is the best speed to roll and start…omg

MicBergsma says:

I think i was there when it happened

Joey Niepokoj says:

expert villlage videos are worthless

matty8hiker says:

I think you avoided one of the main safety precautions, reducing the risk of a fire.The most fundamental thing is to first open the engine hood to clear any potential fumes, check the engine, fuel lines etc for leaks and so fourth.

And I always have my bilge blower activated, and let it run for at least a minute prior to starting the engine. My boat is an older one, and I had a blower installed to modernize it’s safety features. Also, many ski boats have a foot throttle like a car.

connor mclaughlin says:

LOL how did he say the boater will die with a strait face!

madfunk99 says:

Hey man. Nice job. You’re right. Slow mistakes are way better. 🙂

danmetou says:

first comment 🙂

Andrew Fowler says:

if you need to watch this video you shouldnt be driving any kind of boat haha

Larry says:

at first i thought wtf this is common sense..and then it came to me oh yeah i live in america

Arvin Pourmand says:

Hahahahahaah yeah i know!

Nick Bossclair says:

lmao what a tool

Selim Afifi says:

thanks man! you taught to me how to start a boat and “make slow mistakes”!!!! WHAT THEE FUCK?

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