World’s Fastest Solar Powered Electric Water Ski Boat (full documentary)

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CluEngineer says:

What lake is this?

Gerhard Kutt says:

Long and slender boat better to get on the plane. Too much weight on the back of the boat. With LCG that far back. 2nd test much better. The foil actually also increases the boat length artificially. Would love to try this out on our Foil Assisted boats!

MegaLuckydog1 says:

edit the bs

Christian Pfetzing says:

Hi there @ Net Positive LLC, this is really awesome! Congratulations. Can you please provide more information about the specific model of e-motor and the motor-management – and as well how/where to buy a tesla battery-stack with charging-electronics? Many thanks, Christian. Unfortunately your e-mail-address doesn’t work…

Walkertongdee says:

wondering why the 40hp. gas outboard with an 80 hp. electric moto?

spik2140 says:


You You says:

I think you’ve created something many would purchase. I don’t care what others say, electric is the future. boats have long been polluters and there’s a big need for a boat like this. they have multi million dollar electric yachts. a ski boat slash tender is an awesome idea

M773 says:

my heavy ass 6meter 6person ski-boat with an 165hp inline 6 does 60mph… why does this light little thing only do 53 mph ???

John GREEN Ferguson says:

Very Cool, Well Done!!!

getto joe says:

If it gets at least 6 hrs of drive time . I would buy one

Joe Roberts says:

Did you do an endurance test, to see how far you could go on a single charge? How much did the batteries weigh? Fully loaded, my boat carries 58gal of fuel, and has a 200hp engine. So I carry 353lbs of fuel. I can cruise at 20 knots for almost 9hrs at 2800rpm. My boat weighs about 4500lbs fully loaded.


Nonsense, it’s not solar powered. It runs on batteries. You can charge the batteries many ways.

Rum Reach says:

Where did you get tesla battery pack?

Brian Ivan says:

Inspirational video

bsf says:

ola amigo qual o motor que voce esta usando qual as eespeccificaçoes

Chris Paasch says:

I love what you have done with your boat!!! What are some of your resources? I want to do this type of outboard conversion for a small flats boat.

Matheson Fraser says:

How long Does the battery last

Dave Scheer says:

So how much did it cost for the motor set up and electronics minus the boat ,and what would be the best way if a guy was going to use this on salt water due to corrosion ?

paxwallacejazz says:

Your results are amazing.

Rob Kay says:

Loads of information: terrific results, well impressed. Good luck with all your future endeavors!

Qatari Man says:

What would be approximate the whole cost of the electric system?


why don’t they ADDRESS the Battery Construction Process…Manufacturing POLLUTIONS..ETC.

Robert S says:

Question, I noticed you did direct drive coupling of the shafts (no extra gears) and used a upgraded 15hp golfcart motor BUT, How did you determain the size of the electric motor to use with the size of outboard gearbox? example: if I use a 250hp outboard for the project how would I estimate the correct electric motor

Tyler Baldwin says:

electric stuff sucks ill laugh when i pass you when your battery’s dead gas powered all the way

Bernie says:


Mohamed Akram says:

Problems witn this is its expensive.

Michael Gregory says:

What electric motor and cable set up can you hook it me up with do you have any links like maybe Amazon electric motor for an 8 horsepower outboard motor I have a pace ship 23-foot sailboat

Tijn Elbers says:

Why didn’t you put the batteries in the front of the boat for better weight distribution? Other than that beautiful build

Marcel Flikweert says:

Amazing to see this, loving this project!

Khadijah Brown says:

It’s all good, but you need to hire a welder.

QSSCEO says:

Wow!!! Very Very impressive….Awesome craftsmanship…


how nice ! great work but once you have the money to experiment with EV`s why you play “in the box“ electricity and electronics can give you a great deal of freedom in the water ! damn fucking crisis ……

Michael Stott says:

Great boat and nice video! I can tell a lot of work went into it. I’ve been wanting to do an electric boat for years. I’m not so sure you can technically call it solar powered if the the solar system is separate? Also how do you find the curtis controllers? Have you tried tweaking many of the parameters?

Good Times says:

So it is not solar powered? Neat title

Joshua Moreno says:

How long will it the battery’s last at full power and how did you get the Tesla battery’s

sarge8590 says:


Brent says:

Definitely not worth the time or money that was spent on this. 88hp of electric or gas would do the same thing on that small boat and gas outboard is way cheaper and probably a lot more reliable

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