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Our exquisite flagship is sculpted from the finest materials and designed to transport owners to a new world of shimmering possibilities. A testament to the virtues of bold initiative and performance, she has twin 1,150 horsepower caterpillar® engines, which deliver an exceptional cruising speed, and moves with grace thanks to standard bow and stern thrusters. For the ultimate in pampering, you even have the option of adding a crew quarters.


TonioVA Goodman says:

This is what i like. Putting music in the video is explaining what about the boat???? Its stupid if u trying to sale a boat without explaining about the boat.

Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un says:

Nice socks, where can I buy a pair?

Matt Stone says:

Nice boat, goober salesman. Used car salesman selling million dollar yachts

Art of Abandon says:

Reminds me of small Sunseekers I worked on 15 years ago M only more like caravan interior

Jean-michel says:

Nice boat presented by a total fag!

Greg Bennett says:

I think its hereditary – nothing you can do

Greg Bennett says:

all joking aside he reeks

MrCarsen says:

Wow bro u shit… And on a professional note wear shoe covers don’t show ur socks

Greg Bennett says:

Yes he is a nipple – sales is about presentation – he needs shorts that you can see up and a tear away shirt with decent abs

Billy Boy says:

Nice socks mate

ben thomson says:

What a poorly made showcase. The screens were flashing in captains area (this is a camera issue not the actual systems having problems). The blinds in the master bedroom were messed up and hanging one side to the next. Really, why was this uploaded? Very poor job.

steadytube says:

this guy……………………… not good

Lucripetous says:

Wow this boat is amazing!

chandler bing bong says:

It’s waaay too small. I need something much bigger!

oxx UNKNOWN xxo says:

“Goes down automatically” breaks after moving an inch. Lol

jamie jangula says:

I get it, only the rich will have this but fuel wise this thing is a big giant pos.. $4,000 to go 600 miles at decent speed.. does that seem worth it to anyone?

Troy Green says:

Very nice unit but they did a poor job of filming it and presenting it

Justin Johnson says:

If I was rich.

Gage Shultz says:

Why is the screnn blinking

foginspector says:

So how much is it ?

brett run says:

0% chance I would buy a boat from this creepy dude.

VTU CORP says:

Lol the wolf of boat selling street.

Sam says:

On the fly bridge model, they should have removed the helm in the salon and only had one on the flybridge, gotten rid of the crew quarters in place for a dinghy garage and extra storage. As well as (I dont know if this is just configuration for this one or not) instead of a wine cooler added a dishwasher. Everything else is just beautiful and well thought out. This is like a prestige but with 100 times better quality

Dick Guzinya says:

Why so many people picking on the salesman. Mute and check out this nice vessel.

Johnny Rocco says:

How much would the payments be for this boat? Would you take a bass boat on trade in? I’m looking to move you if you know what I mean :-))))

KH8 Productions says:

Fart at 4:28

FakePranksSuck says:

It’s like the real salesman called off work today so they found this guy at a used Kia dealership and had him do the video presentation. He uses a lot of words but somehow still says almost nothing with all those words. Stop trying to sound so smart and just cover what’s on the boat in plain but professional language. It’s much more natural and authentic. You can learn a lot about delivery and video production techniques by watching other yacht dealers who pull their videos off like pros all over YouTube.

A ChildofGod says:

Yep me tooo….. this presenter does not do the boat any justice by his jaged edged presentation. i had to mute the video just to get through it.

Brad LaPrairie says:

” Amd then you have your guest….. Bathroom.”

Lucripetous says:

I love the seats

John Fuller says:

Nice socks, you fucking weirdo

Nokenify says:

Sunglasses off please. And some better attitude towards the sale:)

Abdulwahab Alroumi says:

Can someone buy me this boat i cant get the funds for it no matter how hard i try 🙁

DealioTV says:

nice socks

maverici yo says:

you want to be taken seriously?…take some shoes on.

grim stone says:

If I win some money…how much will I pay?

jim jones says:

Typical searay. Engine hatch undersized and not electric but some bs smart storage unit is motorized and didn’t work

ACtenniesAC says:

could u take this boat from port Canaveral to Barbados with gas stops?

The Dude says:

I would laugh in his face if that is his sales pitch in person

Steele m says:

Who let this clown on the boat? Is this a joke or something?

Leon Allan Davis says:

I’m gonna buy a boat from a guy who doesn’t own a pair of Sperry deck shoes?
A guy who has to read the information off cue cards?
A guy whose favorite part of the boat is the bar?

justsomeguy says:

Is this host the owners nephew or something?

iiOoozyy says:

OUCH that outfit. Please go to a Business attire store such as banana republic and try to get slim fit, quality clothes

Rich Ott says:

Nice sox though

lsuronak1992 says:

Out here pretending like I can afford this and actually critiquing it as if I would ever get to own!

nimlil says:

Could of just been me but it looked like he tried t open the engine cover while standing on it.

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