2018 Lincoln Navigator Review – Luxurious Land Yacht

We go for a drive in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve L

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Our reviews give you two perspectives. Jakub takes the perspective of the car enthusiast, while Yuri represents the interests of the general consumer. You won’t find details about engine compression ratios here, instead you’ll have real world opinions on what it’s like to drive and own cars.


KhoiKO says:

2000$? Buy two Ipads

Travis Bates says:

First time watcher. I love the review formula! Informal, to the point, and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Patrick Jackson says:

Good review. not legendary or memorable but good.

Kris Mier says:

A house-boat-tank for $100k? Bargain! Park it in Vancouver and behold a bidding war.

Da70Dude says:

The design language used on the Navigator is pretty good, same goes for the interior, but the rear end is way too boxy & seems more like a lets get it over job!

Alexandru-Cristian Tudor says:

that is one ugly car, the interior looks outdated compared to European cars, but the review is top notch!!

alpineope says:

That’s a lot of metal to move. Only thing that was missing in my opinion was you guys should have cracked the throttle wide open so we could watch the funky gauges move and hear that twin turbo 450hp v6 HOWL! Awesome vid otherwise. Congrats on 150k. Keep up the great work!


OMG I wish we got these in australia!!!! ahhhhhH!!!!!!

Moose Chocolate says:

I loved Lincoln’s and caddy’s but they have really lost touch with what it was Lincoln and Cadillac would not share parts with the fords or Chevrolets nowadays the cars are just suped up versions of there less expensive cars and those cars company’s would only make cars

Moose Chocolate says:

The traveler slides thing is a trailer break

HW2800 says:

You guys are right, Navigator just not luxurious like that of Chevrolet Tahoe RT. No fake wood that the tester said was in black label and Tahoe’s much modern interior even if it been re-design back in 2014 for 2015! You get Chevrolet’s Tahoe quality and reliability too! #1!

Dominic Plays says:

The paddles look terrible. The wood is real. The lane keeping assist came out from the 2017 MKZ which is a very small car compared to the Navigator.

markus rayna cars KSA says:

My dad ia going to buy 1 soon,he already ordered but one thing,this yacht costs 104.000dollars and i cant wait to drive that 450hp V6 TT 3.5L ecoboost…

brennon mitchell says:

Review the Bentley bentaga plzzz. I prob spelled it wrong lmao.

Blake O says:

Who needs this… like come on people.

Cliff M says:

Just got out of Austin Auto Show, and AFTER 3 hours (eat, my kid play & check every single brand that is more than 40), we can say that the latest 2018 Lincoln Navigator is the best SUV with 3rd Row seat in the planet.

We checked ALL of them (Asian made, European, North American made, etc…).

Their top of the line that’s in the $100+k beats every single SUV with 3rd row seat, and the sound by REVEL is super awesome.

IF u want SUV with 3rd row seat plus with the best seats (it’s super comfortable, even the 3rd row seats), then this is it!

MOST (if NOT all) people in the comment section, didn’t see it yet in person, so IF you don’t, shut the F up!

Have a great day to y’all

Austin Villanueva says:

Can you guys review some Tesla’s please

Jose Chavezl says:

No escalade is bered

Mohammed A says:

Anyone else would love to hang out with these two ?

truth is better says:

I hate that guy with glasses. Does he really think is so clever and knowledgeable about cars?

Bryan Doherty says:

The wood is real in the Lincolns, all of them. Doesn’t matter if it’s the base MKC, or MKZ

Mr. Cairo says:

I prefer the yacht club trim, although I’ll take the LX570 over this. #LandCruiser

stirange says:

those seats are pure sex

Florian Haffner says:

Wow, what an ugly tank

truth is better says:

You are two really undesirable guys

Ashish Patel says:

Would rather have a range rover

Cale Madhava Werake says:

“Face…….off.” Hahaha! You guys are my favorite reviewers.

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