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one4all says:

At 1.05 if you open the crew cabin, the cameraman should record the crew cabin.

Henry Park says:

“This. And that.” The cameraman doesn’t even bother showing us what the young man is talking about. Dude, I get it. You have the camera on your fancy gimble and it’s difficult to pan and tilt around quickly. But the whole point is to show us the boat.

Robbie Surfer says:

Sorry to repeat other comments but your videos seem to be getting worse, it’s a very poor effort, you need to sort it out, can’t really believe you put this out, did anyone watch it before posting ?

RegressMeNot says:

I love these “24 hour on the…” videos, think you’d do well to do a lot more of them.
I’d also really like to see one for the Aquila 44.

mhappy01 says:

Here we go again, describes the crew cabin but fails to use the gyro stabilized camera to show us… but at least we get some lovely flare shots /-( This must be the same cameraman the other guy uses.

Greek Summers says:

I have the 500 fly with the hydraulic platform extension, with the same engines and I believe, the same hull.
This is a heavy boat with rather small engines. So in real life you should expect to see 18-19 knots at 3000 RPM, burning 130 LPH. Real life meaning 6-7 people on board, a 200+ Kg dinghy or PWC, 3/4 full tanks, water maker and washing machines and all the paraphernalia to live on board and enjoy life on the water. Crew cabin is also very useful as an extra sleeping space for a teenager.

Handling is solid, not sporty by any means, but you will be comfortable and safe, and on hot summer days you can run the boat from the air conditioned lower helm.

Maneuvering in a marina, in windy conditions, can be challenging. Despite the big volumes, this is a relatively light boat (low inertia), with lots of windage. The IPS and Thruster come handy, yet you need to anticipate, work with the momentum (don’t let the boat stall), and use positive inputs.

At anchor or at the dock, this is a floating house with all the comforts you have at home. And if you have time and can settle for lower speeds, say 10 knots, consumption drops dramatically ( about 40 LPH). If you just want to do island hopping in Greece for example, and you have a water maker, you can be autonomous for weeks, without refueling.

tacodias says:

I feel like Jack’s pointing out things on the boat and the camera stays on Jack! Yes, the camera work, photography and sound are undeniably better but I would like to see more yacht and less Jack – despite him being an handsome fella!

Sean H says:

Hmmmm. Lifts seat, describes a cabin/berth, that we don’t get to see?!

Ghost 610 says:

love these reviews, keep up the great work!

TX Beachbum says:

Very nice boat but greatly surprised the master cabin has only has a double bed. And the main deck TV is very small and in an awkward spot.

Mike will says:

The boat is the STAR! that the person talking and not the Sun. PLEASE! take a class in shooting a video and get rid of the crap music. Go watch “Boat test . com” to see how to make a video and review a boat.

Ayaan Afzal says:

What about the princess compared to this?

Chris OLeary says:

Jack, as usual, you give a comprehensive look at a boat from your perspective. I’ve seen scores of your videos and have never been disappointed. Great job! Fair winds!

morri03 says:

A clearly compromised boat in terms of power plant and quality but represents good value for money. I’d always go for something a little smaller but properly powered and built to a higher standard personally

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