Debut of the Azimut S7 Yacht: High Tech and Incredible Luxury

Ladies and Gentleman, MarineMax Yachts​ is proud to present the debut of the Azimut Yachts​ S7! This could be the most beautiful and technologically advanced yacht yet. Do you agree? Click here to learn more:

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MarineMax says:

Click Here to Learn More About the Azimut S7:


best review

Jaxx Brat says:

Its not a mit its a mut

Riviere Marc says:

Sorry but my wallet is empty not this time you ll get me sir

Jacob Walls says:

Curved TVs suck…Sony OLED is the only way to go

Laurent Froggy says:

Shame of the camera work……

Montiman0 says:

What a nonsense walkthrough, terrible

Sailing Epiic says:

2,320,000 Euros MSRP.

steven k says:

No idea what kind of hull. Engines ? Sure, you love carbon fi er !

Aidar Hakim says:

Princess s65 looks classier

impleasen says:

This boat is made to be fancy not reliable, you would drown in maintenence and repairs.

2M views says:

Say “interest” one more time tour boy

impleasen says:

People who can afford several million for a boat like this couldn’t even operate it properly. Figure about $30,000 plus a season to own and operate this machine.

Joe smith says:

Nice but way too much chrome. Chrome everywhere. Doesn’t take much design skill to slap loads of chrome on something. That being said it’s still a beautiful well made boat.

Benjamin says:

Most uninterested presenter of the year goes to…. That guy

Mike Bader says:

Bellissima! Please contact me for a private showing.

Rick Colhoun says:

get a wide angle lens, please.

zzzx xzzz says:

An entire living space on this yacht was not shown ….the bow ! Maybe this yacht doesn’t have a bow . Please hire me MarineMax , I will show all of the boat !

Chazz Summer says:

Need a wider lens. And start out with the overall boat profile

ahowes231 says: does a much better review.

gunnshell says:

Zoom out! For some reason this video made me sick.

Allstr2love says:

What is the MSRP of that particular boat? $USD Do you do boat transfers to MARINE MAX (DALLAS, TX)?

Maj. Tom says:

Incredible Luxury….I guess for that price, it doesn’t matter what it LOOKS like.

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