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Stephen Deac says:

Thank you very much for this wonderful video.  I understand the captain speaks a foreign language and I appreciate the narrative.  Cheers to a marvelous production.

wph 001 says:

i like the curved seating outside; but I did notice it a bit rocking back and forth even in the harbour 🙁 . However a lot of nice features in this boat-i like it.

David Latoundji says:

So ugly!!!

tdmm drknr says:

great taste.. i just loved it. thanks for the video.

Finn Bade says:


Constantin Groß says:

This thing is awesome! I like the Design so much

Katsu Wolf says:

I love these videos and your guy that gives us so much beneficial information, i have learned more about yachts and yachting than ever! Thanks Maurizio Bulleri! 😀 I hope to take the knowledge he has and make a good purchase of a yacht, his reviews are awesome. the best!

heizung4me says:

The boat heels extremely from one to the other side. Nothing for me.

Josea Jimenezp says:

José Antonio Jiménez Parra

fooseefong says:

it is a little baby boat

Puzzoozoo says:


jjaus says:

Nice inside, but ugly.

miklu26 says:

this or the Sundeck 550?

GoMiGman says:

I’m starting to like these trawler style looking boats a lot more than I did before, even though they don’t have that sleek, fast super look of the pointy and angled keel boats, but that’s what makes most of these companies come out with a style like this because of those seeking a MUCH more sea-worthy boat than the latter.  This type takes on heavy seas much better than the typical bowed boat.  Just like Azimut came out with the Majelallano line, for those who love that brand but want to travel further and not sorry about hitting heavy seas.  I’m surprise, though, at the 990 HP?  I realize those VP engines are very efficient and this great, funny Italian guy proved that but I would think this boat needs A LOT more HP.

Tavis Young says:

The factory bbq’s on these boats always look so terribly small

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