[ENG] AZIMUT GRANDE 27 METRI – Yacht Review – The Boat Show

Azimut Grande 27 meters is built by Azimut Yachts. The author of the external lines is Stefano Righini. On the bow, three terraces at three different heights. On the flight, the sofa is set at the hard top dining table; towards the stern the solarium area where it is possible to add the whirlpool bath. The aft door, overturned, forms a beach. Azimut has involved one of the best 100 designers in the world for interior and exterior decoration, included in the list of Elle Decor US: Achille Salvagni. The work is for 10 people and the table for 8. The hull was designed by Pierluigi Ausonio according to the highest construction standards of the sector, using CFD analysis systems, FE and modal analysis of aeronautical derivation and then it was tested and perfected in the tub. The propulsion system employs two MAN V12 engines of 1,900 hp each.

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jjaus says:

Love the Italian interior. Sick of wood and brown.

GoMiGman says:

Superb!  Just when you think Azimut can’t outdo themselves, they do just that!

Tom Fr says:

amazing yacht!

Inez Neal says:

It looks so comfortable.

pedro pablo says:

No sabia que entendia italiano

Freddy Urrutia says:

How much?

Blaž Bohinc says:

So.. the faster you travel, the less you consume? Then why does he say crusing speed is in the range of less than optimal fuel consumption?

Jdor D says:

Beautiful boat and amazing review as always…”Yeshua/Jesus is the way”

Vincent McKenzie says:

That’s better than my house!

John Smith says:

The interior design is cold and uninspired. The owner’s cabin claustrophobic. The overall hull lines clunky and boxy. I have been a huge admirer of Azimut for years, but sadly this yacht is a major disappointment.

Aerin Lena says:

This is simply beautiful!

kaputier says:

Made in Italy @ 2:24

I’m Business says:

How much is it?

Reinier Floris Smits says:

Beautiful yacht

TheIrfanxz44 says:

I love mine I will be buying 1 more next year

Michael Sanders says:

Dose anyone know what the draft is?

Puzzoozoo says:

When it comes to designing stylish things, you have to love the Italian mindset.

Baxter Stocksandbondsman says:

I’m a fan of the 27 metri…I’m also a fan of the narrators boat show jacket..

Antonio Lightly says:

I believe this yacht is so beautiful just a bit too big for me. I really like the 27 meter.

Tony Dinh says:

Beautiful boat!!!!

Andy Shapcott says:

Beautiful … the Azimut 55s was my dream, however dreams change 🙂

John Ward says:


george zalo says:

laptop like!!


Man one day I would hope to have one of these. Would be fun.

Istvan Kovacs says:

What a beautiful Yacht Azimut Grande 27 (my lucky number) lol I love so much Italy designe <3 Great boat show again Maurizio Bulleri thank you! 🙂

Andrew Labat says:

I love mine.. ; )

Michael E says:

It is a very pretty boat and it screams “Made by…”. But where is the functionality? The wasted space is astounding.

R. Maj. says:

Somebody help me!
This Yacht’s fuel consumption with 26 knots speed (46km/h) is 350 liter gas!
It means i can go 46km with this boat with 350 liter gas?
When 4600km = 35.000 liter gas?
35.000×1.5 Euros = 50.000 – 55.000 euros?
Well, i can go with this boat 4600km from 55.000 euros?
My calculation was correct?

D H k says:

address with you,

Hope_for_Allan Fundraiser says:

Couldn’t afford that even if we won the Lotto ?!

Сергей Соловьев says:

The black one looks much much better!

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