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shifttradition says:

Love it.

Bluespicey says:

Dose anyone know what watch is the guy wearing?

emconect says:

The interior is depressing. Looks kind of like an upscale funeral home. Way too many black and gray tones.

Fatso Currywurst says:

Yeah nice,if i had this Sort of Money to burn i would feel like an Arse seeing Kids die on Starvation in Asia or Africa…as well having this and not living on it 24/7…and then pretty Crapp let them build a Ship like all the other Banksters have,i had one made running and producing Hydrogen with a Fuel Cell blowing easy 50 to 80 000 Horses only Emission-Waste Water and Oxygen,back feeding in the electric Net when moored and maybe a bit smaller like half of this one,if…………( Hope the Somalis redesign this one,hehe)…

miklu26 says:


Abdulaziz Al-abri says:

how much is it

rubberfresh 1 says:

If there is a extra fridge for the cat food, i’m gonna get one.

ram singh says:

This November boat show in dubai

John Cameron says:

Wish I could afford one. Not saying I want one, just wish I could afford one

Tim Malloy says:

When the world turns to shit I’ll have one of these the price will be better then lol

Crushonius says:

lol the guest cabins are as big as the main cabin on a 20 foot yacht really show me a 20 foot yacht with that much room something got lost in translation there

Bobby A says:

Finally! I have found a Yacht that is worthy of my boundless imagination.

timkiwi says:

how could you own this boat while so many children around the world are starving.

Henryk S says:

красивая яхта

woldrau777 says:

Each cabin is as big as the main cabin on a 20 foot yacht? tenders are 20 feet, not yachts

Puzzoozoo says:

The tender crane was Made in America.

Beetroot says:

This is truly a masterpiece!

Luke T says:


Tom Jackson says:


Ramos34 descour says:

just whaouw

no turbo no party. says:

Español porfavor
Saludos de México

Павел Левоцкий says:

Дизайн красивый и место использовано хорошо носовое

Rony Valencia says:

this is art

Sir Propagandhi says:

I wonder how much this boat costs

949surferdude says:

Beautiful boat but I’m not feeling the deck part.

Jack Hammer says:

Some of the most beautiful marble I have ever seen has been utilized on this yacht!

Steevenoo says:

it just too much !!! Impressive Boat …

krokodil196 says:

wait..i saw that episode while ago…

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