[ENG] FERRETTI YACHTS 850 – 4K Review – The Boat Show

Ferretti Yachts 850 is a 26 meters yacht built by vacuum resin infusion. She is a luxury flying bridge with a cool hard top. A patented dual mode transom allows launching the dinghy easily and transforming the aft platform in a wide beach area. She has four cabins for owner and guests and two for the crew. The interior design is amazing. To be seen!

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[ENG] FERRETTI YACHTS 850 – 4K Review – The Boat Show


Ranz Dy says:

Every Ferretti yacht is beautifully built both inside and outside. The engine and propulsion systems are very good. I especially like the Ferretti 700. But bigger yachts need longer range, and the new Sunseeker 86 is boasting its long range capability of 1,500 nautical miles @ 10 knots. Thus, in my opinion Sunseeker 86 has an edge here in Asia Pacific where there are archipelagic countries.

msg1711 says:

He said there are no closets in the main suite only lockers. Does he mean that there is no hanging space for clothes on a 4.3 million euro boat. Surely that can’t be right??

Kody Blazer says:

Nice craft, I have always been a fan of em but the price doesn’t coincide with this specific model, my opinion is its overpriced!

felcas says:

There is one small detail that most yacht builders just left unatended but NOT in this case. The fact that TV SHOULD BE lowered. In most yachts the TV is high and this make stress to the neck while watching a long movie or game. This and the Sessa 68 are the only cases I know that TV is lowered. Not a big deal but…

Adam B says:

Looks like a very wet boat to me, both in the cockpit and at the bow. so much spray is being going all over the boat, look again in the running shots. very poor hull design.

miklu26 says:

Which one do you prefer, Azimut 84, Monte Carlo Yachts 86 or this?

lionhart2728 says:

26meters in the United States that 85 feet wow

grubarura12345 says:

He nailed it with the conclusion 😉

Puzzoozoo says:

Anyone with the finances available to buy and maintain a yacht like this one will have a hard choice to make, as the Sunseeker 86, the Princess 82 or its big brother the 88, the Azimut 84/88, the Monte Carlo 86, or the Riva 88 Florida to name just five are serious rivals. Be nice to have that kind of problem.

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