[ENG] FRAUSCHER 1414 Demon – Yacht Review – The Boat Show

The new Frauscher 1414 Demon on test. It is the flagship of the Austrian shipyard and it is a gorgeous and spectacular design yacht. Very stylish interior. Large and high cabin. Original layout and luxurious furnishings. At sea, it has a perfect trim at all speeds. Very comfortable even at full throttle. Do not believe us? See how was relaxed our crew!

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Eirik & Kristine says:

My dream 🙂

Clorox Bleach says:

Boats are like magic. The interior is usually surprisingly large, despite the boat appearing small from the outside.

Flenn Boyd says:

Hire an english speaker, this is useless.

King Melon says:

This is a gorgeous boat. The only thing about it that throws me off is the windshield. Seems like an afterthought. I think it would have looked better if it ended more gradually sort of like the Riva ISEO or boats like it

Han06 says:

I love that design

Allen Pellerin says:

Why would you name such a beautiful vessel Demon? Would you name your daughter Demon? Something sublime should have an elegant name. Don’t honor what is repulsive and evil.

John Smith says:

What a beauty!

Ahmed Eltorky says:

يالله عليك تسيب الراحة و الجمال دة وتروح لوجع الدماغ برجليك ياحج عمرو

reaktor55 says:

5:53 What exactly is he trying to say?

Everett Cox says:

Boat gets on plane quickly with the Duoprop drives. Remarkable that the boat’s run angle is almost 0* at all times even in 2′-4′ seas. A very good handling hull. They need to redesign that ugly windscreen that didn’t block out the overspray very well either. I agree with him that the deck needs railings. The interior is excellent. More speed please!!

Fatso Currywurst says:

Excellent Drug and Clandestine Trade Clipper might even enrich the Arms – Trading – Fleet of Tony – Blair …..

Eric s says:

This guy always seems amazed when a boat goes 45 mph.

Jeroen says:

Beautiful yacht but isn’t worth 800 000 euros

sofortwo says:

Too expensive.

M773 says:

dont really like these boats, design aimed towards pussies who are afraid to get their hands dirty, i bet they dont even wear shoes in their boat lmao. they should make more boats like they did in the 80`s and 90`s, where you dont have to be affraid to go diving with it or fishing/spearfishing. my boat had all this wood trimming on the dash, awfull, i removed it and replaced it with polyesther, so i can hose off the interior if i want too and dont have to be afraid to leave it out in the rain.

Anwarul karim says:

just wow

ozkan murat says:

riiinrinnrin fcking language

P Body says:

What a beautiful and well built boat. I love the balance of the boat while planing. For the price I probably would choose the 1414 Demon (Angel) over the Aston Martin AM37.

Udarni Radnik says:

Wheres the comment that points out how many africans you could feed for that money?
Noce boat!

Soft-Top Convertible Metalhead says:

Maurizio – if you are planning to retire soon give me a call. I’ll gladly take over the helm! 🙂

Guillermo Taylor says:

800000 euros for a one cabin boat?!

edsblogging. com says:

Stunning boat. I wonder if they would build a flybridge boat how stunning would that look like

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