[ENG] RIVA 88 FLORIDA – Yacht Review – The Boat Show

Riva 88 Florida. One of the most beautiful boats we have tried out. How does it drive though? Perfectly. Check out the stablity and incredible speed, quite unbelievable. Only Riva can outdo Riva.

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Jesus Schizus says:

Why still there isn’t review on Your channel of any Galeon Yacht? Thay are one of the best on the market!

John Falzon says:

I’d love to be the skipper of the one who buys it!!!

Danny Becker says:

This guy looks like he enjoys cheese.. something about his smile..

matt k says:

best yacht in the world imo

ramesh anand says:

20Lph at 30kts is pretty good for a boat that size.

Bob Boberson says:

Maurizio misses the throttles every time! He MUST be excited.

Jason Gee says:

he has the BEST job in world

zohaf says:

why florida? better than italy?

thierry leduc says:

Très chouette mais un peu trop bavard…….

coops66 says:

some rough fibreglass finishing under that lift up canopy for this money…

Steve Sievers says:

Florida?!?!?! The most enchanting place to sail?!?!?! Someone’s never laid off any Alaska glacier and watched it calve. I can name a dozen places more enchanting than Florida.

lucas gracia says:

hi , you have the best job ever !!!!
what do I have to study ?

Robert Rocks says:

wait… no double sink in the master bath? How primitive!

Chicken Soup says:

Goddam, that convertible feature is pure genius

neodym 007 says:

I’d have a Pershing any time over this, too bad they didn’t put the surface drives on.

Kite boy says:

ugly plastic fluff

reaktor55 says:

why not use pods?

DreadPirateRoberts says:

You act like the inside of the yacht isn’t that important you barely even showed it.

simon heywood says:


John Falzon says:


bruno lamarche says:

Great video! passionate man!

dartanion 007 says:

cash.how much?

AM Vlogs says:

Any one no the price

Danny Murphy says:

So this boat can only go around 420 nautical miles on 7500 liters of fuel at a constant speed of 24 knots? Is there a way to go any farther? or would that be the most efficient pace

Ariel Fetters says:

The new yacht in final fantasy 15 looks exactly like this.

sometimesgood says:

Italy. The country of best trains and bravest sea captains!

MacDaddie9 says:


comfortableman12 says:

Shit! I have an ironing board that I strapped two pontoons on that looks better than this thing. gezzzzzzz smh

simG4 says:

got you next month bby

Johnny GoodFellow says:

My Father owns this and he is upgrading honestly it is too small for more then 15 guests, pAthetic poor mans boat!

Spinal2111 says:

5-7 million USD for one of these.

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