Glider SS18 review | Motor Boat & Yachting

MBY Editor Hugo Andreae is the first journalist to get behind the wheel of the Glider SS18.

Filmed by Lester McCarthy:

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Robbie Surfer says:

Pointless exercise, as soon as you mentioned champagne cooler on golf clubs, we knew that this was a failed enterprise, the stress on those long tubes in a proper sea would be too high, the mooring fees huge, you must have been well paid to promote this, sad day for MBY, your mag will still be around next year this company won’t

Stefan Knorsch says:

A big piece of uselessness and good for nothing.

MickeSandman says:

Swath-hulls is not a new thing. They are tough and make a stable platform. But like a more traditional catamaran it has to be quite big so you can make use of the space in the hulls. As for the project in the video i just don’t get it.
How do you moore? If you have a man overboard, HOW do you save the person from the water? The steps to climb aboard is nothing but stupid, someone will be hurt.

David Weston says:

Joke boat. Hope they lost more money than I could ever earn.

Will Cornish says:

I think its awesome but, who’s going to buy one?

MrPCT007 says:

If this was a solar powered electric vessel I could see it being practical, beyond that useless.

Ocean Yacht Charter says:

Most probably not the future of yachting…but still interesting to see this project become alive.

wcresponder says:

Ugly as religion.

Juan-Pierre Oosthuizen says:

But can it go through wave, big ones.

nukezat says:

Everyone is missing the point, this is not a boat to take to the sandbar and hammrr beer’s, this baby is to compliment some evil billionaires secret volcano lair.

Everett Cox says:

If every company quit b/c of the likes of the nattering nabobs of negativism as is shown on this video, no progress would be achieved.

So Gravestock, Sandman, 007, Knorsch and Weston, please return to your futuristic rowboats. Good day.

GlenGlenervo says:

No audio

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