GTA online guides – Yachts! worth it or not?

In this video I aim to show you if yachts in GTA online are worth buying or not… theyre certainly a symbol of weatlth within the game, but are they much more than that? Are they useful? can they do stuff?

Watch the video to find out!

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epic destroyer83 says:

It’s worth it

Little Fat Dog Gaming says:

Ans:Hell no,to the no no no

Bulging Battery says:

Seems pretty useless..

DootDoot says:

Yacht would be worth it if you could actually drive it like the Tug or something.

sulsty says:

AA is the only good thing about it

francisjairam says:

Okay I bought the Yacht after like 3 years of holding off from buying it but I got for a 50% discount. So what to say about this Yacht well just like what everyone else is saying, its not really worth it but I can go over the pros and cons of it:

1. You get a Free Helicopter and Boats (Pisces and Aquarius)
2. The Yacht Defense System is helpful for protecting against players that try to kill you when you have Bounty.
3. It can be a good Fast Travel when paying $25,000 to move your Yacht across the map.

1. The Captain Contract is very limited and you have to always be near your Yacht to request a Boat, Helicopter, and personal vehicle for free.
2. You cannot store the Helicopter in your Hanger as your personal aircraft even though that its your Yacht and you bought it.
3. The Hot Tub and Bar is cool but it gets boring after one use.
4. The VIP Mission “Privacy Prevention” only works when you have players in the lobby and its boring, not a good payout.
5. Cannot be used in Missions

Overall: 6/10 its not worth your money but if you want to be a show off and you have plenty of money to spare then go ahead.

Joden Ivarson says:

I’m glad I’ve seen this video before buying one


I’d use it for a better apartment a helicopter, boats, and it’s own defense system

gaming center says:

Id like to play a game lf yachtszee at tge yacht.

remerson4 says:

I bought my yacht during the last black Friday sale for 2 mill, I think that’s worth it 🙂

If you’re thinking of buying one wait until black Friday which is around November time when I bought mine it was 75% off so I saved LOADS of money

Czekodżem says:

Yes, it’s staying and doing nothing!

RyanPlays YT says:

Its a huge waste of money…….but its the best purchase ive ever made, worth the cost as a status symbol.

Gamani says:

quick answer: no

Zac'sYT says:

I would buy a yacht just to do clothes and body glitches I don’t care about the rest

Tim K says:

Ill only buy the yacht if they add a “start orgy” by pressing right on the dpad when u enter the jacuzzi…….so never

PONKI says:

U didnt say anything about yacht parties, the most i enjoy

Blaze of the Razgriz squadron says:

I know that some “military crews” use yachts as a makeshift battleship or destroyer. Using the battleship paint scheme and using a cargobob to fly a tank and AA trailers onto the front heli deck and use it as a replacement of the current AA system. Fun for role-playing I guess.

TX1997 says:

I dont own a Yacht,but my only problem is not being able to operate it. Our GTAO characters can do any and everything,but we cant operate the yacht and need a captain to do it -_-. The Cargoplane requires 2 people to fly it,but you can fly it solo,so why cant we operate the Yacht

Name's OMEGA says:

I wish you can sell everything in the game that you didn’t care about buying because you had all the money in the world that’s unsellable

Nae Scoots says:


FaZe Sharp says:


Joshua Booth says:

I’ve just bought it today, 50% off this week

TheAvengedNightmare2 says:

Tldw you cannot sell any of the 3 yachts idk about the cheaper two but the most expensive one let’s you get tiny amounts of free ammo for lmgs ars heavy sniper homing m laucher and proximity mines. Tbh I regret buying my yacht nothing cool about it now and without a flying vehicle or boat its hard to get to a yatch

Dat Kevchen says:

I love my Yacht! Its completly useless and much too expensive, but some how i like it… when somebody try to blow me up in the air, i just try to get him into the save airspace and boom, Gone. Like Mystaspot only more explosive XD

Unknown 00 says:

Worth it but only when their 50% off

Amir Hart says:

I get a feeling of superiority to other players and use it constantly.

Area12 Gamingz says:

Short answer: No

Carlos Loff says:

Sexual adventures with stripers should be more diverse, explicit and interactive and my oh my, how could the yacht help to throw orgy parties – I took advantage on this week 50% off and I do not regret it, they are also an original spawn location option

Juice_ fella says:

My yacht is the one Michael had for 400k

Gold Leader says:

The one thing you can actually do with a yacht:Get out of a helicopter and fall into the poolThe result: Your character doesn’t take off his/her pilot headphonesYou can then add the headphones to your outfits

ACM says:

they added 2 more millions to yachts base prices with 2018 update

Crumpet Snail says:

Can you choose the colour of the helicopter on your yacht? Mine is a nice red but I kinda want a black one

Joe Mac says:

I’d Say A Good Thing Bout It Would Be The Air Cannons
Think Bout It
Your Being Chased By A Jet So You GO to Your Yacht And Activate The Defense Cannons, They Fly They Die

Nathan Dawes says:

Yachts are the worst thing since slavery

Zeepth says:

I got the Aquarius for 4 mil with a 50% discount! Is that a reasonable price?

Kingrhem says:

This should be a 10 seconds video of just saying no

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