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One of the most popular questions left in the comments section of my YouTube channel is “How much does it cost to run a yacht?”.
Many refer to the 10% of the value rule of thumb, and they are not far wrong. However, yacht values vary greatly according to age and pedigree, so this video takes a detailed look at just how much it costs to run a yacht.

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R l says:

Shit pop ups.

Lino Andrade says:

You didn’t add the fuel costs….

abraham torres says:

Good to see there are people who thinks alike, makes feel less mindset lonely. Tks. Almost no one analyses costs, not even for a car yearly expenses. Additionally excellent lecture of hard rock data and philosophical approach (inherent two sides of a coin). Good pace, awesome video, short and effectrive, wow.

Ambrose-adventure says:

Thank you.

Batotit Oftwotree says:

And no one is talking yet how much it will cost you in the settlement after you bang one of the stewardesses

Turbo Turtle says:

Cruise ship = hard working third world employees living off tips = low wage expense

Its just me says:

Assuming the captain & engineer are men and the stewardesses & cook are women.
Well done, man. Well done.

John Smith says:

It does not cost anything. You can easily make money while writing the expanse off on your business taxes.

Muskoka Mike says:

I had a 30′ regal in the 90’s. It had a 7.3L 330 hp (at the prop) Merc. At full throttle (about 68 mph on the speedo) I would burn 2 gallons US per mile. Hence why I normally puttered around the harbour at idle or cruised at 20 to 24 mph which was the most efficient cruising speed (which is about 1.4 to 2 mpg). It was a little under powered though. If I had 4 people or more on board it would take a huge amount of fuel to get up on plane. This normally includes a full load of fuel (110 gallons), full tank of water (about 30 gallons) and food and drink etc.

And dont’ even get me started on dock fees, moving into and out of storage in the winter, winterization, maintenance, etc. There’s a reason they say boats are “a hole in the water you poor money into” lol.

BTW: I wouldn’t have traded it for the world…..the good times I had man…all I can say is “a bevy of boat bunnies running around naked”……

Aidan Byrne says:

What about the cost of a couple of hookers per month?

Mike O'Keefe says:

Thank you for your honest facts

William Domb says:

What might deserve a MUCH greater analysis than ongoing costs of owning/operating: WHAT IS THE LIKELIHOOD THAT I’LL BE ABLE TO *USE* my yacht reliably without interruption or compromise during the period I’d like to have full access?

Michael Canning says:

I suppose if one has to ask, one cannot afford it.

Amos Soma says:

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO RUN A SUPER YACHT? The easy answer is that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

104thDIVTimberwolf says:

Truth be told, the expenses Mr. Seal outlined were quite a bit less than I expected. Not cheap, but not entirely unreasonable, either.

Paul Pflaum says:

Was on a 110 footer out of Florida in the 90’s as a guest. The owner said that yacht’s (boats in general) are holes in the water that you throw money into. He sold his yacht to a company that sells “time” on them, and has access as much as he wants, plus he’s saving quite a bit of cash without having to pay that $500,000.00 estimated a year as in the video.

saint r says:

for all you 18 to 22 year olds…. florida has the schools for various jobs on a yachts.
from what i know its usually 10% to 20% of the cost of running your yacht on a year basis.

Spliffnut says:

pretty shitty pay considering you are away from family and friends the entire time while working on the yacht

MrZep420 says:

Yes that is about what I spend on my 125′ yacht.

TsLeng says:

Gender pay gap! :p

Chet Meyerson says:

Why do very successful YouTube channel such as this never seem to have reply comments by the author?

Ammo Alamo says:

At least money spent on a yacht works its way down through the communities and people involved. That is much better than using money for stocks, where the money sits as little digital entries and never helps anyone except the owner and broker.

Libery One says:

Very informative, but I’ll wait for my yacth in Heaven LOL!

Andrewx8 88 says:

Let’s be real, if you buy a yacht, it has autopilot so you’re gonna be the captain. All you really need is a stewardess-bartender, and a entry level deck hand.

Rizzo Roy says:

This could not have been more sexist here. Holy shit not even apologetic about it. The head stewardess will not only clean for you. You may want one who knows how to cook so she can make you a sammich.

Steven Merrick says:

The cost of running a yacht is when it’s not running. Zero cost

SandhoeFlyer says:

Make sure you stick to the script, you are on screen quoting EUROS.. And saying DOLLARS occasionally. More than one EURO is plural. = EUROS ..

Harry O says:

The captains seem to earn good money, nice job too.

oldschooldiy says:

I am reading all the negative comments and wondering if I am the only one that realizes that a yacht could almost pay for itself, depending on how much you use it! Rent it out when you are not on board! 500,000 dollars a year is about 1400 dollars a day, give or take! These yachts rent for 2000 to 3000 dollars a day! If you rent it out for most of 10 months, you’ve paid your costs for the year!!

kristine tantoco says:

all i need is grad of nuetical engineering. i dont need more staffs to my yach. i can drive it. all i need is one assistant. too much people on board is no longer peaceful voyage. waste of money hiring those people on my board

DV7Dave says:

If you’re a billionare, the interest on your fortune covers most expenses and the yacht itself over time. If you are impressing important individuals to gain profitable business relationships, then a yacht makes absolute sense.

Enigmatic Esoteric says:

Liked your video, but felt you are a little on the high side. with that said, ownership is much more costly than most people realize. My question is, what percent of people who purchase a yacht can actually afford it??? I would guess less than 10% of total purchases. It is a gamble, as most things in life are, but if you can afford it, by all means go for it. And Good Sailing!!!

Deke1 says:

Why pay anyone, I thought that’s why I got a wife, for her to do all the cooking and cleaning….I took your advice, I told my wife that my quality of life would greatly improve if I had a mistress……..She looked up and said, her quality of life would greatly improve too after she kills me if I did!!

Jules Jay says:

Amazing video =)

craigslistrr O says:

I can just imagine a bunch of Yacht owners watching this video, going, ” yeah, yeah this video is spot on!.. because the rest of us really need this info..

Kel Vaughan says:

I think i’ll stick with my cars and motorbikes

greenguy4u says:

Why have anything if you can’t drive it yourself??


My 100 ft yacht costs about 1.5 per year.

Misoja Kuzmini says:


Omar Blackman says:

buying for 4 years and selling expanding experienced .nice plan

White Paper says:

Why no male steward ?

FixItStupid says:

It’s A Nuclear END One Way Or The Other Its In The Math @ 0.24 uSv/H

grumpy old fart says:

My Yacht is 4 dumpsters welded together with a 25 HP Evinrude bolts to the rear. Wonder how much trade in I can get on one of these.


I own a 55 foot searay. Flybridge:

Dock: 2200 a month about 24k a year

Gas: (this is the worst) 14k for a full tank. Yes 14k.

Insurance: 25k a year

Maintenance: 10-15k a year 1-2k a month

Engine maintenance: 8k a year

Upgrade gear: optional but I still do it: 2k-6k a year

Run for vacations: electricity and other stuff: 1k a year, dingy, 200 dollar fill up about 1-10k a year depending how many times I use it.

Water supply, dumping waste and other stuff: 500 a year.

Ryan Deveau says:

I have a 98 foot watch. and its costs me around $350,0000 a year

Spliffnut says:

as a general rule its about 1/4 of the price of the yacht to run and maintain it yearly

J Tanner says:

Scale this down and you just summed up every car on the road.

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