I have been looking forward to filming this walk through video for quite some time. Superyacht “Serenity” is the finest example of a pre-owned Mangusta 165 on the market today. Her three MTU engines propel her to speeds in excess of 40 knots, her interior is in pristine condition, and her technical equipment of the highest specification.

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Cabin Configuration:
1 Owner
2 Double
2 Twin
Length 164 ft
Beam 30 ft
Draft 5 ft
Displacement 267 tonnes
Gross Tonnage 488
Built 2011 | 2017
Construction GRP
Engines 3 x MTU (4,609HP)
Cruising speed 33 Knots
Builder Overmarine
Exterior designer Stefano Righini
Interior designer Overmarine

Castoldi 21 jet rib

ASKING PRICE: $18,500,000 USD


Luis Cramês says:

Oh yeah,the boat is so beautifull,so great,so this and that,but just sell it a.s.a.p. please!!

PurgEe says:

this boat wack af

Parikshit Baugh says:

Dhundla to nhi aega bhaisahab

chandler bing bong says:

A heavily depreciating asset. It’s true what they say: ”If it floats, flies or f*cks – rent it by the hour”

Gerry McGuire says:

and you forgot the price

Will Roberts says:

So, all that talk about the hull and engine leading up to no measure of speed. Got it!

Tony Baines says:

if its not gone, ill give you sixty quid for it.

mopardude1000 says:

i wouldnt be wearing a suit either! if that were my boat id be walkn around with ma balls out!

Carl Zeiss says:

The movie production is not good….

Terry Riley says:

Ka Me Wa Absolutely Stunning David! Great shots of the bridge and the engine room. My two favorite locations on a yacht. I like the 80’s but the 165, I’ll guess I’ll have to build an extension to the the dock! You lucky guy. Getting to cruise on the Rockstar of the 2000’s! Keep it up!

SeaOfFire8695 says:

Is this avaible to purchase in gta online?

Lz Ortin says:

Sorry, but I see a so bad taste with inside decoration and materials options…

Mike will says:

A 165 jet yacht, the same system on a jet ski, and 40 knots that’s very different. The orange/ sand color is not my taste but I know Middle eastern and Asian buyers love that color. Good sales person

Jiany Star Massa vich says:

All the jealous losers commenting .loool

Patrick Reed says:

Thanks, I hope t buy it.

mistic mind says:

If i had all the money in the world, i would get one of these but, it would be even more re enforced, sacrificing design for un sinkable ability. It would be a super technologically advanced, but the main feature is it would be built to be run in state of the art analog systems(in case of solar flares taking out all electronics). It would be able to harness power for the sun and wins as much as possible. All the technology inside would be powder by fuel. So I would set up a hidden massive fuel tank under international waters, with some type of hose i can fill up from the bottom of the sea.

Bob Boberson says:

Is there such a thing as a 7-Star hotel??

Ben Feinblum says:

If it is so great, why is it being sold?

Fisch Optimal says:

Ich liebe alle, die solche Schiffe besitzen, somit gibt es von meiner Seite aus gar keinen Neid.
Mein Dasein darf ich fristen als Steuersklave und mich darüber freuen, daß es der Elite gut geht.
Den privaten Zentralbanken aller Länder dieser Erde darf man wirklich nur danken für die Umverteilung
von unten nach oben.
Wenn 1% der Weltbevölkerung 90% aller Werte besitzt, ist auch mein Glücksmoment erreicht.
AfD 51 %

Mourad Raffy says:

My dream

notconvincedgranny says:

If I could afford the boat, I could afford the refit. The hyperbole is kinda irritating, though.

Boat Axe says:

How many factories must one close and how many people must one fire to afford it?

D Lamb says:


Eddley.A. says:

If you want to lose your money … a yatch!

Trinidad Sanchez says:

I don’t need all that bull shit
I just need a chair and a cooler

Derron Nicholls says:

has it been sold?

Frank Crum says:


Lee Culver says:


Edward youngbloom Youngbloom says:

Where can I see this yatch

tianlongvlog says:

A very good yacht, maybe i should make my channel videos on the yacht

David DiStefano says:

I’ll take TWO of them..

Kaperiera Hill says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. HMMMM . Only 18 Awesome. Not sure if Townsville has a big enough parking spot. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Voo Doo1 says:

For the price, the anchor holds should have flush mounted doors that open to release the anchors….LOOKS SO UNFINISHED, LIKE AN AFTERTHOUGHT

Elguja Ushveridze says:

Красиво но не для меня.

Mourad Raffy says:

But à not ferrari electrical engine

Roland Tuason says:

I once had a ride on a 100 foot yacht before. The guy bought it 2nd hand. He was a crook though. Sold methampethamines, stolen items like guns, stolen luxury cars etc. Real sleazy dirty crook. A guy you can’t trust for sure. One day he’ll meet his match and put him in the bottom of the indian ocean. I’m pretty sure he has lots of more powerful enemies that he pissed off like guys in the italian mob or russian mob. I would have loved to sell him off to the mob cheap or for a favour. He was an asshole anyways.

Adam Cloud says:

My Azimut 77s is better

Gerry McGuire says:

house *

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