MGB 81 | Review | Motor Boat & Yachting

We have the immense privilege of getting behind the wheel (and guns) of MGB 81, the Spitfire of the seas.

Filmed by Paul Wyeth:

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jbss7382 says:

Hello guys? Awesome video. As you have reviewed Scandinavian boats in the past, I hope you can take a trip Sweden? They have The Veterans Flotilla at Ystad. They have one MTB with Italian engines(diesel) and they are twin 5,000hp each!!! yes 5,000 horse power EACH!!!
It is capable of 50knots +!!!!
It would be great if you could review it as a comparison. We must keep the history of the last 70 years alive.
Many Thanks
Jonathan Seth-Smith

Pike Master says:


Keith Bradfield says:

Marvellous thank you

Jeremy Murfitt says:

My father was with Air Sea Rescue during the war based on the Hamble and also on the Gold Coast.. He was on a number of converted MTB’s picking up either sailors or airmen. He used to say that flat out they could just nudge 50mph.

jbss7382 says:

+Motor Boat & Yachting,
Here is the link to my previous message?

Land-Locked Pirate says:

Breaks the 6knot speed limit on most UK waterways at tickover

I like it… A lot!

mev202 says:

We owe so much to those brave young men who fought for us.

David Farmer says:

Thanks or sharing MBY , I have been reading MBY for all my adult life….. the first one I bought was in 1977.

I think the young guys who worked these boats were not so much brave but just had a different ethos. We all helped each other in those days.

The current malais did not exist in those days (IMO of course).

I pity about the metric gremlins creeping in but thanks you for not saying any thing was “iconic” or you were “gutted” about something.

Timo Galeon says:

As you say, magnificent! A great tribute to the sailors of the day. So very grateful that this superb restoration has been carried out and I very much look forward to seeing her out and about in the Solent. Well done and thank you, to everyone concerned!

Mark Stafford says:

Fantastic !!!

David Farmer says:


come off it chief, what’s with the litres??

David Farmer says:


There were no loos on board MTBs

you stuck your rear end out out the back.

I dont know about MGBs

Rob Booth Automotive says:

What was the top speed with the original engines?

cageordie says:

People who want to know how these things were used should read “The Battle of the Narrow Seas” by Sir Peter Scott. Funny what he was doing before he was famous for bird watching. Double diagonal mahogany and 100 octane fighter fuel. Brilliant combination. I am glad they have put decent engines in her, if I was rich I’d have donated them myself.

My friend John MacDonald from the Back of Kepoch, Arisaig, Invernesshire was on minesweepers in the channel in WWII, he thinks he was 14 when he joined the RN when they called up his fishing boat. He wasn’t seeking trouble the way these guys were, but he was out in the same sea at the same time. Reading the book gave me a different view of the quiet old lobster fisherman I knew.

Mark Davis says:

Small correction, the refit didn’t replace the Packards, they went decades ago! During her restoration over 10 years ago, she was fitted with MAN diesels.

Russ B says:

Nice boat 🙂 You could have got the video clips sorted, lol…Like you said your doing 30 knots, Then the camera guy pans round and your in the marina, lol

Balodinski 2007 says:

nice boat

Steve Parker says:


David Farmer says:

the packards gave 2000 hp each

800 should be good enough


Andrew Pitt says:

Beautiful boat. Not sure why they didn’t go for more power…

Nicholas Seidel says:

I actually started weeping about 10 seconds into this when I realized what it was. Been following the rebuild at Berthon. If anyone is interested I highly recommend Adrian Rance’s Fast Boats and Flying Boats. It’s the story of Hubert Scott-Paine and the British Power Boat Company. Just a fascinating story.

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