NEW Yacht and Beach Clubs Ale and Compass Dining Review | Walt Disney World Vlog March 2018

We drink like pirates on the boardwalk checking out AbracadaBar and the new Ale & Compass Lounge before dining and reviewing the restaurant.

Drop anchor for Eastern Seaboard eats that the whole crew will love. Located at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, this seaworthy spot is a comfortable place to relax and refuel before and after a day of adventure.

Start the day with hearty breakfast dishes—including one-of-a-kind homemade hash, omelets, cornbread waffles, salted caramel-apple French toast or a protein bowl. Or, enjoy lighter fare, like fruit smoothies or a seasonal fruit plate with yogurt and granola.

Sail in for delicious lunch options, including Maine lobster rolls, fish & chips, sandwiches, signature burgers and salads.

Choose from a variety of dinner entrees to delight nearly every taste! Indulge in sumptuous seafood, like oven-roasted oysters, pan-seared trout or a coastal clambake. Heartier selections include hearth oven “pies,” crispy fried chicken and waffles, juicy T-bone steaks and 4-cheese ravioli.


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Sorcerer Heidi says:

So nice to see JL back! Not that I want to give Oliver or Spencer a complex love you guys individually, or together (and, of course, Tom too!). Thank you for always putting a smile on my face, and I love the “cheeky humor” at times, even though I know you”re trying to avoid an explicit rating. ROTFL BIG HUHS all!!

Juna Robbins says:

You guys are so fun !  I’m thinking I may want to try this restaurant out now.

eddie drood says:

Ah, the trio returns! Fun video & welcome back JL. The wheel bit was hilarious!

Michael Mc says:

Spencer has boyish good looks but Oliver what a man what a man what a mighty fine man.

ClaudiaMouse says:

I love your Disney restaurant reviews! Keep it up… It’s my secret indulgence.

Amanda Wood says:

What is JL doing now? She has been so busy!

Anthony DeSanno says:

Anyone else wanna hear more about this damn cult?!?! Lol. So curious…

Ashley Tharp says:

Fun day drinking Vlog!

Perry Simon says:

Wow Im in the vlog…Im in the blue Adidas shirt. Knew I recognized you but wasn’t sure where from.

The Magic Geekdom says:

Yay for JL! I enjoyed the drinks at Ale & Compas, but haven’t tried the food. Will have to give it a whirl next time.

CdnDznyLuvr says:

Oh my gawd you made my day – Puff the Magic Dragon brings back so many memories from my childhood!!! Love your vlogs – they always make me smile. And welcome back JL!!

Terrie Daugherty says:

JL! Yay!

Jo Ann Flem-Tiedeken says:

Welcome back JL!!! It’s always good to see you in the vlogs! Great job Spence and Oliver!

Linda Wooten says:

Loved this video…hope your ship didn’t sink with all you had to eat and drink! lol

Matt C says:

Speaking of pirates, I still think Oliver kinda looks like Colin O’Donoghue, who’s known for Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time.

Pam Schroeder says:

Three of you made my day, thank you

Mark Long says:

So, what did we learned today? That Spencer wants to be swinger

MARK begley says:

Invest in a wind blocker for your camera!!!!!

Mark Brown says:

NO JL, don’t eat Marmite! It’s disgusting!! Marmite is gross. Yeast belongs in food, not on food.

amesavis says:


Anthony Tatum says:


Jennifer 5 says:

If you do a marmite tasteing with JL you need to do it with a little butter and marmite on toast and a banana on top. The sweetness of the banana goes really nice the marmite

Bookshelf Storage says:

Your reality television argument is flawed – because The Kardashians makes The Bachelor look like high art. Also… Oliver’s mum sure sounds an lot like the spam-spam-and-spam waitress. … Great episode gang! And thank god you’ve come to the realization that there’s more to see in Orlando than HS and Epcot!

terry wong says:

Yay !!! JL !!,ok now where’s Tom.

John Mcculley says:

I love you guy but I really happy to see jenlynn back

jimmy adams says:

Hey JL!!! This video was so funny. Thanks guys.

Jenn Hedrick says:

Yay a JeniLynn sighting! I was glad to see y’all eat & drink at the Ale & Compass. I was there in Dec. for a TA FAM and we did a site visit, but did not try anything. Fun vlog Oliver – great job as always.

MARK begley says:

I’ve seen JL in many of your video’s. She comes across as a very down to earth and sweet person. In addition she is very beautiful. Take for example this video, she’s wearing either none or very little makeup yet she is drop dead pretty, The thing that stands out the most is just how nice of a person she is!!!!!

Daria Hagan says:

Love your vlogs and tips!! Glad t see JL again!!!

Sami Woerner says:

My husband and I rented a Surrey bike at Port Orleans Riverside this past December. It was so much fun. Granted you don’t realize how many hills there are until you are exerting your energy to bike them. My 2yo was the bell ringer to clear traffic, so the entire family was involved. I definitely wouldn’t rent during the summer in Florida because it is wayyyy too hot.

Theme Park Brews says:

Want to try too out so bad! Looks awesome! Love Abracadabar as well!

Mark Ness says:

I loved this vlog!!! Keep it up!

Frank Picaro says:


Kevyn Paris says:

Did JL just say she is a Pagan Ritualist? …:)

Leonie Marks says:

He was cut off, but did Spencer just try to say that he had a vegan meal (as in ‘I don’t have to burn off any calories because I ate vegan’)? Nice try, Boo!

wilddave says:

coulis! coulis coulis coulis coulis coulis coulis
just say it’s raspberry coulis,
gotta be the word on the menu


‘When Harry Met Sally’

Justin Shashaty says:

The chicken and waffle sandwich in liberty square is really good. It is a definite must try.

Nico Martinez says:

apple cider sorbet sounds amazing. Thanks for showing off all the food n drinks!

Edgar Jurgen says:

OOOH YES SHE IS BACK!!! beauty woman Jenilynn

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